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American Lutherie #96 - Winter 2008

Page 6 - Manuel Velázquez: A Life in Lutherie

by Manuel and Alfredo Velázquez, with Jeffrey R. Elliott and Robert Ruck

Page 18 - Meet the Maker: Kathy Wingert

by Cyndy Burton

Page 24 - The Jimmi Inlay Experience

by Cyndy Burton

Page 26 -  Curtate Cycloid Arching

by David Cohen

Page 34 -  The Colombian Andean Bandola

by Luis Alberto Paredes Rodríguez and Manuel Bernal Martinez

Page 42 - Meet the Maker: Ted Davis

by James Condino

Page 49 - A Homemade Magnetic Thickness Gauge

by Alain Bieber

Magnets similar to the ones mentioned in this article were once sold as toys in the USA, but have been recalled. They pose a serious risk of gastrointestinal damage if swallowed. Use with caution, as you would other dangerous tools. Follow this link for more information:


Page 50 - Uke Making for Guitar Makers

by Bob Gleason

Page 58 - Peg Shapers That You Can Adjust

by David Golber

Page 60 - Inlaid Splices

by John Thayer

Page 68 - Questions

edited by R.M. Mottola