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American Lutherie #91 - Summer 2007

Page 3 - Letters from our readers

Page 6 - There’s a Hole in the Bucket

by Cyndy Burton

Page 14 - Meet the Maker: C.F. Martin IV

from his 2005 talk at the National Music Museum

Visit Martin Guitars website.

Page 19 - A Rare Glimpse Inside an Early Martin Guitar

by Rob Hoffman

Page 24 - Grading on the Curves

by Steve Andersen

Visit Steve Andersen's website.

Page 32 - Meet the Merchant: Jay Hostetler

by Jay Hargreaves

Visit Stew-Mac’s website.

Page 35 - Gibson L-00 Flattop Guitar, Circa 1937

by Kerry Char

Visit Kerry Char’s website.

Page 40 - Resawing Lutherie Wood

by Bruce Creps

Visit Bruce Creps website, Notable Woods.

Page 43 - Sharpening the Stellite Teeth on the 3" Hitachi Blade

by Bruce Creps

Page 52 - Sustain and Electric Guitar Neck Joint Type

by R.M. Mottola

Visit R.M. Mottola’s website.

Page 56 - Bow Rehairing

by Paul Hill

Page 66 - It Worked for Me

by Benz Tschannen, Neil Peterson, and James Condino

Visit Benz Tschannen’s website.

Page 68 - Questions

edited by R.M. Mottola

Photo of a santouri.

Photos regarding a question about a badly damaged Santos Hernández guitar.

There’s lots more info about Morales brand guitars in American Lutherie #92. See the EXTRAS page.

We never got any information about this Oakes Brothers guitar. If you know anything about it, please contact us.