Web Extras
American Lutherie #90 - Summer 2007

Page 8 - Mechanical Compliance for Soundboard Optimization

by David Hurd

Click here to download a Excel spreadsheet for calculating compliance values.

Page 16 - Meet Douglas Martin

by Barbara Goldowsky

Page 22 - Taylor Today

by Mark French

Visit the website of Taylor Guitars

Page 28 - Build Variation in a Group of Acoustic Guitars

by Mark French and Kendall Brubaker

Page 32 - Meet Kenny Hill

by Cyndy Burton

View the website of Kenny Hill

Page 40 - Construction of the Colombian Tiple

by Anamaria Paredes García and R.M. Mottola

Page 46 - Meet Mervyn Davis

by Rodney Stedall

Visit the website of Mervyn Davis

Visit the website of South African musician Corneille Hutten-Burger

Page 52 - “Cricket”: A Reclaimed Salvage Recovery

by James Condino

Visit the website of author James Condino

Page 54 - Woodchopper's Ball

by Bruce Harvie

Here's the website of Bruce Harvie's company, Orcas Island Tonewoods

Page 58 - Partial Refrets

by John Calkin

Page 62 - Product Reviews: Schatten Pickup Winder

by Harry Fleishman

Visit the website of Stewart-MacDonald's

Page 66 - Questions

edited by R.M. Mottola

Visit the website of Jamie Unden's Guitar Plans Unlimited

Visit the website of violin maker Claude Lebet

Page 68 - It Worked for Me

by Dan Fobert and Robert Steinegger

Click to see a short video demonstration of Dan Fobert's Danco Bend-o-Matic powered fret wire roller.