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American Lutherie #87 - Summer 2006

Page 6 - A Luthier's Choices

by Kenny Hill

Page 26 - The Power or Circles

by Michael Darnton

Page 34 - Meet the Maker: Tom Shinness

by Jonathon Peterson

Page 40 - Parametric Solid Modeling Software

by R.M. Mottola

Page 44 - Meet the Maker: Rodney Stedall

by Tom Harper

Page 48 - Fighting with Wolves

by Alistair Fordyce

Page 50 - Fabio's Fabulously Simple Neck Joint

by Fabio Ragghianti

Some of these are alternate shots.

Page 52 - Sixty Seconds or Less

by Daniel Fobert

Page 54 - The Making of a Maker

by Tobias Berg

Page 56 - The “Wintonbeast” 7-string Lap Steel Guitar

by David Worthy

Page 58 - Product Reviews

by Mike Tagawa

Before and after De-Glue Goo.