Web Extras
American Lutherie #85 - Summer 2006

Page 8 - The Irish Bouzouki: A Mandolin on Steroids

by Graham McDonald

Author Graham McDonald sells a book on the subject of making bouzoukis. Here is his website.

Page 20 - Meet the Maker: David King

by Jonathon Peterson

David King’s website.

Page 30 - Arched Plate Carving, Part Two

by Chris Burt

Page 37 - Controlling Classical Guitar Neck Angle

by Rodney Stedall

Page 38 - Meet the Maker: Gregory Byers

by Woodley White

Greg Byers’ web site.

Page 46 - Resurrecting the Family Guitar

by John Calkin

Page 52 - The Never-Ending Barber Chair Workbench

by Michael Sandén