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American Lutherie #148 - Spring 2023

Page 10 - Let's Catch Up with Steve Kauffman

by Tim Olsen

Page 16 - Let's Catch Up with Steve Klein

by Paul Schmidt


Page 34 - Meet Denny Stevens

by Harry Fleishman

Page 44 - Seven Fine Books about the Romantic Guitar, in English

by James Buckland

From author James Buckland:

Bridge embellishment on a guitar by Nicolao (aka: Nicolas) Denis. He began in Mirecourt, later moved to Turin. The guitar was built 1820-1830 (Lorenzo thinks the a.1837 found on the label is not original).

You may notice the Quaternion Eagle motif. This is, in my opinion based on my research, significant. The Quaternion Eagle was an essential element of the Coat of Arms for the Holy Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire was officially dissolved in 1806 by the abdication of Francis II, its last Emperor and also a member of the House of Habsberg-Lorraine. You may recall, from my notes on Mirecourt, that the Duke of Lorraine granted a royal privilege. So, a reasonable hypothesis is that Nicolas Denis moved from Mirecourt to Turin based on this important historical event of 1806. Is it possible that Denis incorporated the Quaternion Eagle as an iconic motif for this same reason?