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American Lutherie #146 - Summer 2022

Page 14 - Meet Cindy Hulej

by Max McLaughlin

Cindy Hulej talks about her creative influences and New York City architecture.

Page 26 - Meet David Thormahlen

by John Calkin

Read about Robbie Robinsion, harp maker.

Page 34 - The Hawaiian Twin-Hole Guitar

by January Williams

Sources and Notes

Note: There was a previous version of this page which I feel was more informative. However, the present version does contain the essential story.

“George Gilmore, classical guitar teacher at Punahou School, and Sam Kamaka Jr. started the Lute Society and taught evening sessions in guitar and lute construction from 1966 to 1970. Gilmore learned lutherie in Spain and influenced some of the techniques still used today at the [Kamaka ukulele] factory.”

Meet the Maker: Steve Grimes, AL#74, p 20, also Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Seven, p. 48.
Steve Grimes mentions that Mel Bay published a slack-key book by Keola Beamer (Learn to Play Hawaiian Slack-Key Guitar) which features a Grimes guitar on the cover.

Page 50 - ‘Ear’idescent Nightingales: A New Instrument Family

by Richard Bozung

Here’s detailed information on building and playing the Nightingale family of instruments:

Description and construction


Tuning and chord guides

Page 58 - Universal Side Caul

by Beau Hannam

Page 62 - The Confidence Game — Overcoming the Fear

by Aaron Cash

Page 64 - In Memoriam: José Luis Romanillos Vega

by Federico Sheppard, Kevin Aram, Josep Melo, and Mónica Esparza


Tobias Braun is a GAL member and author from Austria. He writes:

“José Romanillos was my great maestro and teacher. We met at the first guitar making course in Zürich Switzerland in 1984. Four more courses followed and at the last one I was his assistant. Here are some photos of the course in Zürich. They were taken by Mr. Bruno Schlatter (copyright).”