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American Lutherie #145 - Spring 2022

Page 4 - Strategies for Peghead Overlays and End Grafts

by Michael Bashkin

Slotted Peg Head with Burl Face

Rosewood Face with Sand Shaded Pieces

A slight variation. The difference here is that instead of just a straight line on the outside, I’ve introduced some outside inlays. In this case I blew the point off the triangle right in the center where the two purfling lines meet. To fix it I made a little inlay. I like the headstock better anyway, so it worked out. And now I’m starting to use some of these techniques on the backs of headstocks.

Page 25 - Meet Matt Brewster

by Evan Gluck

Page 38 - Hand-Powered Radius-Sanding Jig

by Roger Häggström

Page 64 - In Memoriam: Jonathon Peterson

by GAL Staff, Jeffrey R. Elliott, Cyndy Burton, and Woodley White

Page 67 - In Memoriam: L.M. “Buzz” Vineyard

by Rick Rubin and Michael Elwell