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American Lutherie #144 - Winter 2021

Page 3 - Letters and More


Narrow fingerboard to make a seven-stringed build handle like a six; per request.
Thinner cut from the fingerboard to the back of the neck, radiused at 14".
Hand-cut black mother-of-pearl design tilted at about 2 o’clock to fit on the fingerboard.
Pixelated logo image airbrushed onto the guitar in shades of ultramarine and pearlescent azure.
Mahogany trim rings.
Slight inclination on the upper hook of the body prevents the guitar from shifting to the right during play.

Page 6 - “Restomodding” Wall-Hanger Guitars

by Roger Häggström

Page 24 - Seeking the Holy Grail: Torres’ FE08, Part Two

by Federico Sheppard

Page 36 - Meet Robert Anderson

by John Calkin

Page 65 - Reviews: Vincente Arias (1833-1914), The Forgotten Luthier

Reviewed by Kevin Aram