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American Lutherie #142 - Spring 2021

Page 6 - Remembering Julian Bream 

by Cyndy Burton, José Romanillos, R.E. Bruné, Jeffrey R. Elliott, Kevin Aram, Gary Southwell, and Simon Ambridge

Page 22 - A Modern Venezuelan Cuatro

by Luis Colmenares

Page 30 - The Terz Guitar 

by James Buckland

Follow this link to read our online article “Rule of 18 vs Rule of 17.817” by James Buckland.

Page 40 - The $75 Guitar Challenge 

by Doug Hunt and Mark French

Page 52 - Side Bender and Body Mold Cut from One Sheet of Plywood 

by Terrence Warbey

Page 55 - Tuning a Marimba Bar and Resonator 

by Max Krimmel

Page 62 - Reviews: José Luis Romanillos Guitars, The Guijosa Period, 1993–2015 by Josep Melo i Vall

by Mónica Esparza