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American Lutherie #142 - Spring 2021

Page 6 - Remembering Julian Bream 

by Cyndy Burton, José Romanillos, R.E. Bruné, Jeffrey R. Elliott, Kevin Aram, Gary Southwell, and Simon Ambridge

Page 14 - The Charles Fox Guitar-Building Method, Part Four

by Mark French

Here is a photo of the guide block that holds the fixture at the tail end of the guitar. On page 21 of the article you can clearly see the function and position of the guide block, but you can’t see how it is attached to the guitar body. In this photo, you can.

Page 22 - A Modern Venezuelan Cuatro

by Luis Colmenares

Page 30 - The Terz Guitar 

by James Buckland

Follow this link to read our online article “Rule of 18 vs Rule of 17.817” by James Buckland.

Page 40 - The $75 Guitar Challenge 

by Doug Hunt and Mark French

Page 52 - Side Bender and Body Mold Cut from One Sheet of Plywood 

by Terrence Warbey

Page 55 - Tuning a Marimba Bar and Resonator 

by Max Krimmel

Page 62 - Reviews: José Luis Romanillos Guitars, The Guijosa Period, 1993–2015 by Josep Melo i Vall

by Mónica Esparza