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American Lutherie #137 - Summer 2019

Page 4 - Meet the Maker: Todd Cambio

by Federico Sheppard

Page 22 - Let’s Catch Up with Joshia de Jonge

by Cyndy Burton

Page 26 - Joshia’s Twisted Neck

by Joshia de Jonge and Tim Olsen

Page 52 - The Totnes School of Guitar Making

by J.A.T. Stanfield

Page 60 - In Memoriam: Fred Campbell

by Tom Ribbecke

Page 61 - In Memoriam: Leo Bidne

by Tim Olsen

Leo Leonard Bidne, surrounded by his wife and children, passed away peacefully at home on March 6, 2019, after an extended battle with cancer. Not only was he a beloved husband, father, and Papa, he was also a talented, hardworking, gentle man who was a well-known, much-loved figure on the Olympic Peninsula.

He was born June 20, 1954, in Tacoma, to Oliver Leonard Bidne, Jr. and Ruby Evelyn (Hyde) Bidne. He grew up in Tacoma, graduating from Franklin Pierce High School in 1972, eventually relocating to Port Angeles, in 1979, at the urging of Russell May, one of his best friends.

Aside from an eight-year stint as a TV/VCR repairman, his career mostly revolved around the music world. From singing at bar mitzvahs as a teenager to performing in various local bands, eventually writing and singing songs of his own music flowed out of him as naturally as breathing. But his musical skills weren't limited to singing. He knew how to play countless musical instruments, as well as being an accomplished audio-video producer, sound-system installer, musical instrument repairman, and musical instrument maker (luthier). He could be found at Strait Music, in Port Angeles, for the past 23 years, eventually deciding to officially open Leo's Repair and Recording business at the same location.

Leo's interests and abilities knew no bounds. At the age of 19, the first guitar he ever built was created from a wooden orange crate. He was one of the founding members of the Guild of American Luthiers, a guild for musical instrument makers. In 2016, he submitted "Time," a memorial video honoring William M. Clarke, to the Port Townsend Film Festival. It was chosen as one of ten films in the Reviewer's Choice Narrative Shorts category. It was an example of how Leo masterfully crafted memorial videos, trying to carefully portray the heart and soul of people he had often never met. And when the neighbor children wanted to make a Star Wars fan film, Leo went all-out. From sewing costumes to using a green-screen, from filming and editing to producing and special effects. . . he did it all. Any skill he set his mind to learn, he learned. . . never truly understanding why others couldn't always do the same.

The loss of Leo's talent, knowledge, and generous heart is incalculable . . . both to his family and the community at large. Each year he recorded the songs the Irrigation Festival royalty sang. In recent years he had been creating commercials for the Clallam County Fair, including custom animations. He took many people "under his wing" as he tried to help them reach their potential. Be it neighbor children who wanted to make a Star Wars fan film, local musicians (some with more talent than money), grandchildren that loved to hang around their Papa, or his author-wife as she dove into self-publishing, he tried to help each of them reach their dreams. No dream was too small . . .or too big.

His marriage to Kristine Bear in 1973 ended in divorce. He later married Kristine Rains on June 8th, 1986, one year from the day of their first date.

Leo is survived by his wife, Kristine (Rains) Bidne; sons, Kyle Bidne of Federal Way and David Bidne of Port Angeles; daughter, Sarah Bidne of Bellevue; grandchildren, Annella, Benjamin and Gabriella of Bellevue; granddaughter, Hannah of Port Angeles; mother, Ruby (Hyde) Bidne of Tacoma; sister and brother-in-law, Sherrie and Bruce Johnston of Puyallup; sister and brother-in-law, Sheryl and Gary Kirkham of Puyallup; brother and sister-in-law, Paul and Maurice Bidne of Puyallup, and sister, Patricia Bidne of Lakewood. He was preceded in death by his father, Oliver Leonard Bidne, Jr.; his son-in-law, Jeremiah Wayne Smith; and his granddaughter, Jasmine Kristine Smith.

Live long and prosper, Leo. . . and may the sidewalk always be with you.

Page 62 - Trevor Gore Teaches Modal Tuning

by Greg Maxwell