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American Lutherie #103 - Fall 2010

Page 6 - Meet the Maker: Mike Doolin

by Jonathon Peterson

Page 16 - 19th-Century Guitar Making Techniques

from his 2008 GAL Convention workshop by James Buckland

Page 28 - Restoring an 1869 Francisco González Guitar

by Don Pilarz

An esteemed colleague has kindly pointed out that the statement in my article in American Lutherie #103 that “Francisco González was the founder of the Madrid school of guitar making” is probably not accurate. According to José Romanillos’ conclusion in Antonio de Torres Guitarmaker – His Life and Work (p. 44-45 1st edition, p. 55-56 2nd edition) Marcos Antonio González should more likely be considered the founder of the Madrid school, although it appears that Francisco González did teach José Ramírez I.

Page 41 - Meet Nicolò Alessi

by Federico Sheppard

Page 44 - Meet the Makers: Waldron Guitars

by Roger Alan Skipper

Page 52 - Making a Gothic Harp

by Shaun Newman

Page 62 - It Worked for Me

by Greg Nelson and Mark Roberts