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American Lutherie #102 - Summer 2010

Page 8 - Practical Acoustics

from his 2008 GAL Convention lecture by Michael Cone

These movies were part of the presentation at the 2008 Convention.

Admittance and Impedance

Acoustic Scan

Transfer Function FRP


Acoustic Scan Baseline

Acoustic Scan Compare

Frequency Response Plot Start

Frequency Response Plot Process

Frequency Response Plot Compare

Page 18 - Meet the Maker: James Ham

by Roger Alan Skipper

Page 28 - Recreating the Vintage Martin Peghead Joint

by John Greven and Charles Freeborn

Page 38 - Meet the Collector: Gregg Miner

by Kathy Wingert

Page 48 - Making a Weissenborn-style Guitar

by John Calkin

Page 58 - A Reinterpretation of a Baroque Soundhole Rose

by Michael McCarten

Page 62 - It Worked for Me

by Greg Nelson and Mark Roberts

Page 68 - Questions

edited by R.M. Mottola

Page 70 - Product Reviews

by James Condino