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American Lutherie #101 - Spring 2010

Page 3 - Letters from our readers

Bill Garafalo also posted a video of his visit to the violin factory. Here's the link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqhxdpeRmQo/

Page 16 - Low-Stress Archtop Guitar Design

from his 2008 GAL Convention workshop by Steve Grimes

Steve Grimes mentions using R.M. Mottola’s online calculator to find the down force on an archtop guitar starting with the string tension and the breakover angle. Here’s the link to R.M.’s very helpful site: www.liutaiomottola.com/formulae/downforce.htm

Page 14 - Meet the Maker: Ben Patron

by Roger Alan Skipper

Page 22 - Restoration of a Michelot Late Baroque Guitar

by D. and F. Sinier de Ridder

Page 28 - Strings: The (Often) Forgotten Accessory

from his 2008 GAL Convention lecture by Fan Tao

GAL Web Extras exclusive! Hear Fan Tao sing “The Song of the Winder.”

Page 38 - Meet the Maker: Ted Megas

by Jonathon Peterson

Page 43 - Making Mother-of-Pearl Nuts

by Ted Megas

Page 48 - The Two-Storey Dulcimer

by Roger Alan Skipper

Page 56 - Travel Lute

by Ben Cohen

Page 58 - Thicknessing Router Jig with Magnet Holddowns

by John Park

Page 60 - Reducing Build Variation in Arched Plates

by Mark French and Eddy Efendy