Lutherie Suppliers, the internet's premier supplier of sanding belts, sand belt, sanding discs, 16 x 48 sanding belt and sanding supplies.
A & M Wood Specialty Inc. variety of tonewoods.
Acoustic Woods Ltd. Hand pick your own Tonewoods online; variety of back and sides and soundboards to choose from.
Airware America respirators, other health and safety equipment.
Alaska Specialty Woods, a source for Sitka Spruce, all instruments.
Albertidesign, Violin, guitar and bow making tools of our own design. Unique tools for professional builders and restorers.
Allen Guitars East Indian rosewood, Sitka and German spruce, red cedar, maple,Honduras mahogany, ebony, tail pieces, resophonic parts, shell, rosettes.
Allied Electronics comprehensive.
Allied Lutherie Ltd variety of tonewoods, rosettes, veneers, shell.
Allparts bridges, pickups, pickguards, tuners.
Allred & Associates, Inc. carving machines for archtops and necks.
Alpentonholz provides best European spruce (picea abies) as well as figured malpe (acer pseudoplatanus) from Bosnia and Germany to customers worldwide.
Antique Electronic Supply has the largest supply of new old stock and current production vacuum tubes in the world. Also has an enormous supply of parts, supplies and literature for your vacuum tube equipment.
Aqua Blue Maui, LLC shell, laminates.
Hammond Ashley Associates Pacific Northwest maple and spruce.
Audio Technica condenser microphones only.
Australian Luthiers Supplies, tonewoods and parts. Located in Mount Tamborine, Australia.
Axes 'R' Us guitar parts UK,new and used,online store.
B-Band Limited pickups and preamps for guitar and violin family, under-saddle electret film (not piezo).
L.R. Baggs pickups, transducers, pre-amps.
The Bailey Mandolin Strap, the original, custom, handmade, braided strap. Made one-at-a-time; one-of-a-kind.
Maderas Barber S.L. variety of tonewoods, rosettes.
Barbera Transducer Systems, ultra high performance pickups with separate transducers for each string for violin, electric violins, cello, electric cellos, upright bass and electric upright bass.
Best Guitar Parts, a variety of parts for electric guitars and basses.
Bitterroot Guitars is a retail and wholesale supplier a mid to upper mid quality parts for builders.
B.J. Musical Works is a leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of musical instrument (violin, viola, cello, bass etc). Located in Kolkata, India, they produce a wide variety of musical instrument wooden parts items in a chinrest, Endpin, Fingerboard, Nut, Peg, Saddle etc.
Bjorn Industries hide glue only, many grades, min. order 5 lbs. (carries Milligan and Higgins — see below).
JS Bogdanovich Guitars, woodworking DVDs, hand plane kits and tools.
Boone Trading Company offer a comprehensive selection of legal raw new and fossil ivory and scrimshaw for collectors and craftspeople.
David Borson Maximum Yield Resawing, your fine woods cut precisely to maximize the yield of usable slices.
Bow River Specialty Woods supplying all your to lutherie needs, figured hardwoods, quality softwood tonewoods, structural and decorative parts for stringed instruments of all varieties.
Brenner USA. Custom machine shop offering piezo hybrid guitar conversion saddles, and custom machined guitar hardware including tremelos, B+G benders, and adjustable height roller nuts.
Bridge City Tool Works exquisite hand woodworking tools.
Brookstone variety of woodworking tools.
Bulldog UK are suppliers of new and used sheet metal working machinery, specialists in rollforming folding and coil processing.
Buysandpaper provides all types of sandpaper supplies, abrasive grit sandpaper sheets and other related products. Buy sandpaper online and save money on every product.
BWC Company is the leading online reseller of hard to find finishing products.
Canadian Ivory offers walrus and narwhal ivory for carvers and knifemakers as whole tusks or pieces of varying sizes and shapes.
Carvin electric guitar components, 5/8" dome knobs, pickups, preamps, bridges.
Simeon Chambers Tonewood Store, manufacturer of fine tonewood, specifically domestic Engelmann Spruce. They provide luthiers around the world with very high grade wood.
Colonial Tonewoods offers some truly stunning Old Growth Brazilian Rosewood, Koa, African & Honduran Mahogany, Ziricote, Ovangkol and other tone woods. Exotic wood is available for guitar sets, bridge blanks, fingerboard blanks and other needs.
Constantine's veneers, kits, hand tools, full line of finishing products including their own brand, Hydrocote, Behlen. Glues including Hot Stuff,™ Excel polyurethane glue, Gorilla, hide, hand tools, full line of finishing products including their own brand, Hydrocote, Behlen. Glues including Hot Stuff,™ Excel polyurethane glue, Gorilla, hide, shell, wood inlay.
Cook Woods specializing in exotic hardwoods of the world.
Countryman Associates condenser microphones only. is a supplier of UV guitar and wood finishing products.
Custom Pearl Inlay inlay materials and tools.
Custom Luthier is a one-stop shop for hard-to-find luthier supplies. Custom Luthier offers Pre-cut custom and traditional inlays, CAD/CAM, CNC capabilities, Concept development and design, Prototyping, Full
service production, Custom templates, Luthier tools, and Instrument components.
DePaule Supply shell Blanks, Pre-Cut Inlays, ABS Plastic Binding, Inlay Design Book, Pearl Nuts & Saddles and more, NO MINIMUM ORDER.
Diefenbacher Tools specializes in hand tools for woodworkers. They have a growing catalog of edge tools specifically designed for instrument making.
DiMarzio magnetic pickups.
Distinctive Timbers Tasmania - Tasmanias largest range of fine Timber and Tonewood's - -
Dogal USA, US distributor of Dogal handmade Italian Orchestral strings.
Duke of Pearl, for over 40 years the world's leading supplier of shell for inlay, and co-inventor of Abalam.
Jim Dunlop Manufacturing, USA, fretwire.
EMG also piezo.
Exotic Woods Company Inc. ebony, rosewoods, maples, inlays.
Fake 58, specialising in reproduction parts for vintage electric guitars.
Dow Ferguson offers student instrument rentals, as well as a full online store of string instruments, cases, bags, parts, kits, accessories, and strings.
Festool various woodworking tools.
Festool Dealer - Beaver Tools. Discount power tools.
Fishman Transducers also magnetic pickups.
Fleishman Instruments pickups for acoustic guitars and acoustic and electric basses, preamps, systems, also magnetic also piezo.
Forgotten Tonewoods LLC, suppliers of the newest and rarest in exotic hardwoods for woodcrafters, woodturners, carvers, luthiers, wood collectors, pen makers, and fine craftsmen.
Lindy Fralin magnetic pickups.
Flying Pig Music is a retail music store that carries a wide selection of new and used guitar parts online. They have been in business for over 10 years and ship nationwide.
Galco Industrial Electronics - comprehensive.
Gamut Music Inc - high quality handmade gut strings for a variety of instruments.
Garrett Wade Co., Inc. quality hand and power tools, full line of finishes and glues including Behlen products (lacquers, shellacs, colors, fillers, tung oil), spray equipment CrystaLac™ water-base finish, Sutherland Wells finishes, Garrett Wade brand wood glues, Hot Stuff™ superglues, and epoxies.
Gilmer Wood Company exotic and domestic hardwoods, cedars, spruces.
Goby Walnut Products figured claro walnut, English walnut.
GoStrings LLC. offers viola strings, viola outfits, bow cases and other musical accessories from some of the best brands at low shipping rates.
C.A. Götz, Jr. variety of tonewoods.
Grafted Coatings make waterborne coatings, KTM-4A and KTM-9.
Grainger offers a variety of safety products, material handling, industrial supplies and more.
Grandpa's Workshop supplier of curly and quilted maple, spruce and cedar for instrument making.
Graphic Transfer high speed engraving/carving tools and supplies.
Griffin Exotic Wood, we supply ebony, african blackwood, snakewood fretboards, and 65 other types of exotic wood.
Grizzly Imports, Inc. (west) variety of large and small power tools, abrasives, hardware.
Guitar Parts USA sells replacement parts for guitars that copy the Fender® Stratocaster® and Fender Telecaster® and Gibson® guitars. They are high quality import guitar parts suitable for repair and replacement.
Guitare-Shop is retailer of parts of guitar and bass. Located in Montchanin, France.
Guitarmaker's Connection kits, hand tools for luthiers. variety of guitar tonewoods.
Gurian Instruments veneers, parts, laminates, laser related products, purflings, bindings, custom laminates.
HB Steel, Harry Brainum, Jr. Inc. providers of Quality Steel Products, HVAC duct, coils, diamond plate, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel & galvanized sheet metal supplier. Place an order for products online.
HAS Sound guitar wiring and control upgrades.
Hawaiian Hardwoods Direct, the premier source for Hawaiian tonewoods. Curly Koa and Curly Mango guitar sets and ukulele sets. They also supply various other luthier, and turning supplies.
Hibdon Hardwood, Inc. Honduras mahogany, Spanish cedar, various rosewoods.
Brad Higgins has been building and repairing stringed instruments for 30 years, located in Hartford, New York.
Highlander Musical Audio Products custom pickups for guitars and other instruments.
High Mountain Tonewood Company, Stika, Engelmann and White spruce, Red and Yellow Cedar and Paper Birch. Located in Terrace, British Colombia, Canada.
Hipshot Products multiple tuning bridges, bass extender keys, special tuners.
Howard Core, wholesaler of stringed instruments and accessories, and also offer a full line of luthier supplies.
Inlay Banding, variety of bandings made from genuine hardwoods.
Inlay Product World wood inlay, marquetry.
Inlay USA shell, laminates.
International Violin Co., Ltd. variety of tonewoods, specialty tools for luthiers, oil and spirit varnish, Micro-mesh® abrasives, purflings, bow inlay.
Italia Leather Straps makes leather straps that fit all guitar and basses.
J & L Tonewoods, specializing in highly figured maple and cedar for acoustic and electric instruments.
Clarence Jones the original easy does it soundpost setter.
Tom Jones custom pickups for guitars and other instruments.
K&K Sound Systems custom transducer sytems, all stringed insturments.
Karura Cases makes custom carbon fiber guitar flight cases for acoustic guitars.
Kata Music manufactures violin, white violin, color violin, electric violin, viola,cello, double bass, bow parts, tools and accessories.
Kenneth Michael Guitars, In addition to complete engineered, user friendly acoustic guitar kits we are suppliers of reasonably priced high quality Tools, Fixtures, Materials and hardware for Professional as well as amateur Guitar Builders and Luthiers.
Klingspor Woodworking Shop, abrasives, tools, and finishes for woodworkers. Also offers a line of both domestic and exotic veneers and woods.
Kremer Pigments, Inc. artists’ supply (including wood finishing): pigments, shellacs, resins, oils, varnishes, hide glues, books.
Lemur Music, specializing in the Double Bass. They carry endpins, bridges, tailpieces, soundposts, tuning machines, pick ups, strings...everything for the Double Bassist.
Luthier Suppliers. We specialize in Birch Ply radius dishes, custom guitar jigs, and Binder Router bit sets.
Luthier Supplies tonewood and a variety of luthier supplies.
Luthier's Friend. A precision sanding station from Ken Picou the maker of the Robo-Sander™.
Luthiers Mercantile Int., Inc. variety of tonewoods, tools, hardware, supplies, full line of finishing products and glues and lots of instruction to go with them. Includes oil, shellac, LMI brand water-base finish, nitrocellulose, fillers, dyes, sandpaper, Micro-mesh,® polishes; full line of epoxies and superglues, hide glue, and instrument makers' polyvinyl glue, shell, laminates, rosettes.
Luthimate sells lutherie tools, guitar parts and wood. Located in Michery, France.
MCM Electronics comprehensive.
MOP Supplies has a variety of shell inlay material i.e.; Paua, Mother of Pearl, abalone and many more in the form of blanks, veneers, dots, strips.
MSC Industrial Supply Co. comprehensive, largely industrial tools and accessories.
MacBeath Hardwood veneers, hardwoods.
MADEIRA, the largest supplier of legal Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia nigra) in the world. Located in Portland, Oregon.
Dave Maize redwood, Port Orford Cedar, Figured walnut, myrtle, and other native and exotic species; specializing in fine reclaimed and salvaged tonewoods.
Marksman Design, extensive inventory of very high quality figured maple billets and boards for sale . These include western quilted, and northern curly and birdseye. Also figured claro and English walnut.
C.F. Martin Telesales kits, pearl, purflings, veneers.
McMaster-Carr nuts/bolts, latex rubber, files. Music Instruments and Parts Online shopping for music instruments and Luthier supplies, guitar parts, bass parts, amp and effects parts and more.
Metropolitan Music Online have been supplying violin stores with wood and tools for almost a century. They manufacture te Juzek reamers and the Ibex planes in Stowe, VT.
John Michelson "fossil" ivory for bridge pins, end pins, strap buttons, tuner buttons.
Milligan and Higgins the only hide glue manufacturer in North America. Sells in 50-lb. minimum quantities. Jay Utzig (ext. 18) is head of technical matters and will be glad to help you, including helping you find a source for fewer than 50 lbs. The really high-quality clear stuff (referred to by M. Darnton in his Violin Q&A in AL#46 p. 56) is called 192-gram Technical Gel.
Micro-Surface Finishing Prod. Inc. manufacturers of Micro-mesh,® a long-lasting cushioned abrasive.
Mirco Mark variety of small hand and power tools.
Moses, Inc. graphite necks, reinforcement stock.
Mouser Electronics comprehensive.
Music Spruce Canada, Daryl Bjarnason. Engelmann spruce tonewood for stringed instruments. Tops for acoustic guitars, mandolins, and violins. Bearclaw figured wood. Split or sawn bracewood. Custom products as requested.
Musical Forests Inc. - Lutherie Supplies, Naturally aged tonewoods for the construction of handmade musical instruments.
Musicaravan. Hand-made brass gluepots, also a source for hide glue, oud strings, fine ouds, and information about all of these.
Musicmaker's Kits variety of kits, wood bindings, rosettes.
Nail Gun Depot offers a comprehensive selection of nailers, staplers and fasteners for woodworking.
Neutrik USA, Inc. cables, connectors, jacks.
Newark Electronics comprehensive.
North Bay Forge, hand forged wood carving tools since 1987 - straight knives, bent knives, drawknives, adzes.
Northwest Timber figured maple, walnut, myrtle, online store.
Notable Woods koa, walnut, bigleaf maple Sitka spruce.
Oakwood Veneer, wood veneer supplier, specializing in exotic, burl, and domestic veneers on all backers.
Old Wood Colours & Varnishes SL, a company focused on string instruments finishing ( grounds, varnishes, natural colours ).
Old World Tonewood Co., supplies Carpathian Spruce (Picea abies) and European "Sycamore" Maple (Acer pseudoplantanus) tonewood.
Orcas Island Tonewoods spruces, cedars, maples, others.
Outdoor Craftsman Supply, Project Plans, Books, Tools and Hardware.
PedalSteelGuitar.NET by Dick Meis offers instructional books, CDs, videos, DVDs and accessories for all steel guitarists. Starter steels, free classifieds, toll free number.
Pegasus Guitars & Ukuleles curly koa bindings.
Pentacle India manufacturer of and specialized in violin, viola, cello and bass fittings and accessories.
Pete's Music Center Iboney nut and saddle materials.
Petros Guitars Purflex™ Backstrips, rosettes uke rosettes, buttons, position markers, pins, strap buttons, truss rod covers, Taylor TRC's, Purflex® Ultra flexible lining.
Pianowood Kölbl GmbH, specializing in piano parts and soundboards. Located in Aigen, Austria.
Pilgrims Projects sell luthier tools, instrument plans, bindings, finger planes, bending irons, Seymour Duncan and Fishman pickups, books, fretwire, supplies, etc.
Pioneer Valley Luthier Supply, variety of supplies and tools for bow makers, repairers and restorers.
Price Fiberglass Cases. Protective cases for dreadnought guitar, banjo and mandolin.
Q-tuner manufacture high-tech neodymium powered pickups for guitar and bass.
RC Tonewood and Sons carry a wide variety of tonewood. Located in Kenmore, New York.
RMC Pickup Co. (McClish) Piezo pickups and condensor mics.
RS Electrical Supply is a contractors of circuit breakers, fuse holders, switchgears,mounting hardware, motor control centers, contactors, starters of all the leading brands.
Randle Woods figured bigleaf maple, Sitka spruce.
Redwood Salvage Sales, instrument quality redwood for luthiers. Exotic grains due to being sunk in Deep River for over 100 years.
The Rescue Pearl Company pearl, abalone, pickguards, no minimum.
Rio Grande Pickups magnetic pickups, inlay materials.
Risen Global, manufacturer and exporter of all types of wooden parts - such as peg, tailpiece, chinrest, end pin, fingerboard, bridge, nut and saddle, fretboard etc. for guitar, violin, viola, cello, lute and double bass.
Rivolta Snc, located in Italy and has been working wood for a century dealing in various species of tonewoods. Nice site, take a look for yourself.
Rodgers Precision Machine Heads quality tuners for classic and steel string guitars.
J.M. Rolph Pickups new "vintage," rewinds/repairs.
SRK Overseas Private Limited exporters & wholesale suppliers of accessories for violin, viola, cello, bass, piano & guitar for over a decade.
S.V.S. Tonewoods violin European maple and spruce (open 4PM — 8PM).
Foster Industrial. Sanding & Cutting Discs, MIG & TIG welding equipments / machine, welding generators and other industrial supplies from Foster Industrial, UK's leading Industrial supplier.
Seymour Duncan magnetic pickups.
Shagun Overseas, manufacturer of violin, viola, cello, and bass spare parts. Range of product includes fingerboards,pegs, tailpiece, chin-rest, nut–saddle, mute ,endpin etc.
Shopsmith, Inc. combination power tools.
Daniel Smith comprehensive, almost 200-page catalog of artists' materials ($5 for catalog which is refunded with first order). In among the canvas and papers are some choice goods for instrument makers: brushes, oils, varnishes, airbrushes.
Bob Smith Industries full line of epoxies and superglues (see Product Review column in AL#39 p. 54 for detailed information). Sold direct in large quantities or retail through hobby stores. Call for locations in your area.
Radharam Sohanlal, manufacturer/exporters of accessories for violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, baroque lutes, archlutes, theorboes and baroque guitars. A Gilbert tuning machine supplier.
Specialty Violin Making Products European maple and spruce.
Aubrey Spurlock builds and supplies materials for Piezo pickups.
The St. James Bay Tool Co. planes for luthiers.
Larry Stamm Douglas fir, red cedar, Engelmann, flamed white birch for guitar, mando, violin.
Les Stansell Guitars Oregon myrtlewood, Port Orford white cedar.
Stewart-MacDonald's Guitar Shop Supply offers a wide variety of tonewoods, tools for luthiers, hardware, supplies, full line of finishing, gluing, and related products: hide glue, epoxies, spraying apparatus, Behlen products, shellac, lacquer, tints, water-base finish, etc. Good selection of lutherie books and videos.
String Emporium, sells upright basses plus all kinds of bows, covers, travel cases and strings.
StoneWood Precision Limited CNC manufacturing company, in North Wales, providing custom guitars, guitar parts and accessories, other services include routing, joinery and engraving. Can machine wood to your specs.
Sunrise Pickup Systems magnetic pickups.
Tashiro's Japanese hand tools.
Tasmanian Acoustic Tonewood. Reliable supplier of Tasmanian Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon), which is closely related to koa. Located in Devonport, Tasmania (Australia)
Tasmanian Salvaged Resurrection Timbers Pty Ltd.  We supply high quality salvaged Tasmanian forest timber to woodturners & craftsmen world-wide.  Located in Tasmania, Australia.
Terrco, Inc. carving machines for archtops and necks.
Timbre Tonewood Ltd. Sitka, Engelmann, red cedar.
Timeless Instruments variety of tonewoods, lutherie tools and hardware.
Tonetech Ltd., UK supplier of materials to guitar and other stringed instrument makers.
Tonewood Kölbl GmbH, European spruce for guitars, violins, cellos, double bass and so on. Located in Aigen, Austria.
Tonewood Switzerland, Florinett AG European spruce.
Tool Crib of the North power tools, small and large.
Trilogy Tonewoods variety of tonewoods.
Turners Retreat the woodworkers source.
Ukulele Supply of Hawaii, ukulele kits, supplies and parts, wood sets in koa, mahogany, and other Hawaiian Woods.
Ultra Speed Products, Inc. electric carving tool.
Upright basses (String Emporiam) sells upright basses and cellos. Also all sorts of bows, covers and travel cases plus strings for the upright bass.
Upton Basses is dedicated to the double bass. Various double basses, accessories and services.
USA Custom Guitars componenent for electrics including necks, bodies, finishes and wood.
UV III Systems supplier of an economical high speed uv drying equipment.
Vegas Guitars Custom Shop, Number one for guitar parts, luthier supplies, guitar repair, tools, service, and mods and a full line of fret working tools, body, top, neck & fretboard wood.
Victor Machinery Exchange Inc., industrial supplier specializing in machine shop supplies, metal-cutting tools, and precision measuring instruments.
Vikwood ebony, rosewoods, spruce, cedar, mahogany, boganga.
Viola Strings. Searching online for viola strings at low prices? GoStrings LLC. is one of the best online stores to get viola strings and other music accessories. Their product line includes a wide variety of viola strings.
The Violin Man - Online Violin, Viola and Cello resource and community.
Violins of Great Falls (VOGF) variety of lutherie supplies. Located in Great Falls, Montana., ultimate source of information for everything related to violins.
WBO manufacture high quality Violin Parts, Viola Parts, Cello Parts, Double Bass Parts and Accessories for other Stringed instruments like Guitar, and Banjos. They are located in Calcutta, India.
WD Music Products electronics (several brands of pickups), pickguards, knobs, tuners.
Warmoth components for electrics including woods, hardware, pickguard material, several brands of pickups.
West Wind Hardwood Inc. hardwoods, softwoods, specialty plywood and veneers.
Whimsmith, makers of custom truss rod covers using precious metals and various other materials, such as, shell, ivory, wood and precious stones.
Wood Carvers Supply, Inc. chisels, knives, small woodworking tools.
Wood Finish Supply full line of wood finishing products and glues including brushes, shellac, lacquer, varnishes, dyes; Hot Stuff,™ epoxy, and hide glues.
The Wood Well variety of tonewoods, veneers.
Woodcraft Supply variety of quality hand tools, woodworking supplies, and hardware (many U.S. retail locations).
Woodhaven, (Uncommon Woodworking Tools) jigs for power tools, router plates and bits, layout tools.

The Woodworker's Store hardware, carving tools.
Woodworker's Supply a great number of tools that are useful for luthiers.
Yamahiko, Yamahiko, double bass pickup supplier located in Japan.
Jeffrey Yong Chin Hoe Malaysian hardwoods.

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