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The Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Seven, 2003-2005


From American Lutherie #73–84. Highlights include: Step-by-step archtop mandolin making with MacRostie, Elliott’s 1888 Tárrega Torres restoration, Ford & Erlewine through-the-soundhole repair techniques, Klein on guitar design, violin soundhole placement, Fox binding method, access panels, Carlson’s unique approach to design, Fleishman on inlay, Bruné’s concerns of highly successful guitar makers, Greven on decorative guitar heel carving, Doolin’s shopmade side bender, Kauffman on carbon fiber, Byers on rosette marquetry, Manuel Reyes, Adirondack spruce, Calkin’s shop tips, (including making bridge blanks and lacquer details) classic guitar assembly jig, adjustable saddles, neck duplicating carver, laminated wood use, guitar plate doming geometry, audio spectroscopy, low cost CAD/CNC, lightweight electric bass, Helmholtz resonance, fitting flamenco pegs, domed plates, and adjustable necks for classic guitars. Plus reduced plans of 1888 Torres guitar, 2003 Reyes flamenco guitar, Columbian tiple, hurdy-gurdy, Savart-style upright bass, and 7-string Russian guitar. Meet makers Frank Ford, Steve Grimes, John Greven, Dake Traphagen, Charles Beare, George Morris, Jeffrey Yong, Sue & Ray Mooers of Dusty Strings, Lester DeVoe, Bob Jones, Kathy Matsushita, Jay Hargreaves, and others. Extensive shop tips, product and book reviews, and more.

Hardcover, 568 pages, B&W photos and drawings.
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Michael Darnton

Violin Maker

Robert Lundberg was known as a meticulous researcher and craftsperson. I wish he’d been involved in violins instead of lutes — the violin field could use more people like him. Nevertheless, his lute construction series was so interesting, well-done, and unique, I think the book should be in every string instrument maker’s library as an example of how to look at and appreciate any stringed instrument. Many of his attitudes about lute construction transfer directly to working with violins, and I imagine should also give guitar makers a lot to think about.

Jeff Elliott

Classic Guitar Maker

A magnificent, definitive, comprehensive, historical study of lutes and their construction. Useful information for makers of all stringed instruments. A great legacy by a great maker and scholar.