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CITES Lacey Act by Chuck Erikson

Free Downloads

Long-time GAL member Jim Flynn published this book in 1984. It has been out of print for years, and Mr. Flynn has given permission for it to be offered as a free download here on the GAL web page. The material in this book will be helpful to those wishing to build an instrument from Mr. Flynn's balalaika plan, which we offer as GAL Instrument Plan #25.

Building the Balalaika
Download Jim Flynn's Book “Building the Balalaika” (this is a 4meg pdf file)
(right click with your mouse button and save as or save target as)

We have had requests for our old Data Sheet 45, which we just called “Tuning.” It is a simple description of how to tune your guitar to make the best compromise out of the impossibility of making equal temperament produce pure intervals. Almost all of our Data Sheets found their way into our various books. This one did not, for a couple reasons. Firstly, it is not really about lutherie. Secondly, we don't even know who wrote it. Anyway here it is. Knock yourself out. Download pdf of Data Sheet 45, or download a jpg of Data Sheet 45, pg 1, pg 2.

Free American Lutherie Articles
Here's John Calkins article entitled “Searching for Blue Significance”.

Here's Nicholas Von Robison's article entitled “Floyd”.

Bruce Harvie's Convention Lecture entitled “Woodchopper's Ball”

Ted Davis Thickness Sander
Here is Ted Davis's Precision Thickness Sander (this s a 4 meg pdf file) as presented in our book Lutherie Tools, pg. 80. Ted passed away in 2008 and we are presenting his thickness sander exactly as he sent it to us in 1982. Page 11 has been incorporated with Page 1.

Tenor Banjo by Bill Garofalo
Locating a Brace
by Mark Craven
Knee Rest Guitar by Bill Garofalo
Cubist by Bill Garofalo
Bicentenial Lute by Matias Crom
Bamboo Mandolin
by Bill Garofalo
Lussina (Baroque Guitar) by Giancarlo Scopinich
Cuatro Puertorriqueno by Giancarlo Scopinich
Dulcimer Ideas by Bill Phillips
Fancy Model by Tobias Braun
Two Fan Fret Guitars by Michael Keller

Stave-back Guitar by Carl Samuels
Ceramic Guitars by Adams Greg
Resaw Sled by Benz Tschannen
Checkered Fingerboard by John Calkin
Chevron Fingerboard by John Calkin
Fretboard Purfling by John Calkin
Solid Body Ukulele by John Calkin
Adjustable Neck by Luis Feu de Mesquita
Flat Clamping Surface by R.M. Mottola
Simplified Bracing Patterns by R.M. Mottola
Walnut, Sycamore Wiessenborn by John Calkin

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