American Lutherie #127
Fall Issue 2016
Web Extras

Page 22 - Let's Catch Up With: Jeffrey R. Elliott by Chris Sobel
Jeff Elliott, cub scout. During his time working at Elderly Instruments, 1970. Kent Rayman apprenticed with Jeff Elliott in the 1970s.
Fritz Mueller (left) apprenticed with Elliott for six months. Here they are in 1978. Carmel Classic Guitar Festival, 1977. 1977 GAL Convention, Tacoma. With David Fisher (left) and Jon Peterson. 1977 GAL Convention. From left: Jeff Elliott, Mrs. Collings, Bill Collings, Shelly Sax. 1979 GAL Convention, Boston.
Jeff’s mugshot and exhibition table at the 1980 GAL Convention in San Francisco. Cyndy Burton, Richard Schneider, and Jeff Elliott at the 1986 GAL Convention in Tacoma. With Shel Urlik and Kenton Youngstrom at the 2004 GAL Convention in Tacoma.  
With Manuel Velazquez and others at the 2006 GAL Convention in Tacoma. At the 2011 GAL Convention in Tacoma: From left: David Freeman, Denis Merrill, Jeff Elliott, Charles Fox. At the 2011 GAL Convention in Tacoma: From left: Jeff Elliott, Kathy Matsushita, Dick Cogger, Rick Rova.
Moderating the classical guitar listening session with player Peter Ziza, and assistant Aaron Andrews at the 2014 GAL Convention in Tacoma. A later steel string guitar bracing pattern.  
Jeff wrote a review of this tool in AL#73.
Page 46 - Meet the Maker: John Knutson by Don Bradley
With his first archtop guitar, 1986. In 2002. John hanging in his shop with two of his Messenger electric bases. The instrument lying on the table at left is a Raffaele Tieri bass mandolin, made in New York, circa 1930. He restored it for David Grisman.

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