In Memoriam: Darlene Eddinger
1958 — 2006

Photo of Darlene Eddinger

Darlene Eddinger passed away after a long battle with cancer on 12/27/12 at the age of 54. For 25 years years she worked as the purchasing manager at Luthiers Mercantile International (LMI). As part of the management team at LMI she can be thanked for much of what the company has offered the world of guitar making. Her warmth, humor and her professionalism made a lasting impression on all of those who were fortunate enough to meet her and work with her. LMI’s many vendors, customers and her fellow employees grew accustomed to her smile and her friendship over the years and her absence is deeply felt. Even as her illness progressed, Darlene continued to work and greet people with her characteristic sweetness and equanimity.

A loving wife, mother and grandmother, Darlene valued her family most of all. She will be missed and remembered fondly.

             — Chris Herrod

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