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Guild Logo Hat $25

They’re back! The GAL Logo Hats you’ve always loved, now with a new brighter embroidered logo on a nice quality hat with an adjustable buckle.

Guild Logo Patch $10

For the cool guys: Get your fully embroidered GAL Logo Patch! They’re iron on, but you can sew them too. (“Ask your mother to sew it on for you!”)
Turn your jacket, shop apron, tote bag, or hoodie into an instant custom GAL garment! These logos are over 3”. They are super nice. Get several - there’s no shipping charge!


A Luthier's Alphabet of Imaginary Instruments cover

A Luthier's Alphabet of Imaginary Instruments
by Fred Carlson

$10 Special Price!
For more information click here.

The Guild of American Luthiers Presents
Luthiers' Show & Tell

The Guild’s very first DVD is a unique record of the last twenty-three years of handcrafted guitar and string instrument making in the USA and elsewhere. It documents the blossoming of the Golden Age of American Lutherie through hundreds of short and informal show-and-tell interviews with instrument makers ranging from eager beginners to seasoned masters. And sometimes an eager beginner shows up years later as a seasoned master!

The Guild of American Luthiers began hosting gatherings for its members soon after its formation in 1972. The 1975 National Convention/Exhibition held in Evanston, Illinois, was hosted and devised by R.E. Brune. It set the pattern which is still followed today: a variety of informative lectures and workshops by experts in the field, plus an exhibition where makers bring their instruments to display and suppliers of tools and materials sell their wares. GAL Conventions have been held every one, two, or three years since then, with the Nineteenth Convention/Exhibition being held in 2008.

Exhibitions were videotaped beginning in the mid-’80s when this technology became widely available. Since that time, only two Exhibitions have not been recorded, those being 1988 and 1998. Convention Exhibition years included in this DVD are: 1986, 1990, 1992, 1995, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2008. All took place in Tacoma, Washington, except for 1992 in Vermillion, South Dakota.

GAL Conventions are very busy times for members as well as Guild staff. Regrettably, not every exhibitor is represented here. See the Conventions area of this website for photos and other historical information about past conventions.

Three discs. Over 7 hours total running time NTSC All Regions (Will play worldwide and in most new PAL equipment).

Luthiers' Show & Tell DVD $5 (free shipping on DVD)

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