2017 G.A.L. Convention
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Wednesday, July 19

1:00pm Registration and check-in

2:30pm Workshops (concurrent):
• Erick Coleman and Evan Gluck, A Thousand or Less Repair Tips
• Stephen Marchione, Fitting Bars and Braces with Hand Tools
• Robbie O’Brien, Five Basic Steps of Guitar Setup
• Science and Technology Seminar

7:30pm Concert: John Doan, early guitars

Thursday, July 20

8:30am Lecture:
• Dan Erlewine and Frank Ford, Training the Next Generation

10:30am Workshops (concurrent):
• TBA, Steel String Guitar
• Classical Guitar Listening Session with Jeffrey Elliott, moderator

1:00pm Workshops (concurrent):
• Chris Herrod, Talking about Tone
• Stephen Marchione, Shaping Necks with Hand Tools
• Ted White, Mandolin Acoustics: Practical Workshop Techniques

3:00pm–6:00pm Exhibition (open to registered participants only)

8:00pm Concert: Darol Anger, fiddle

10:00pm Open Mike Music (off campus)

Friday, July 21

8:30am Lecture:
• TBA, Steel String Guitar

10:30am Workshops (concurrent):
• Greg Byers, Classical Guitar Sound: Seeking Quality and Consistency
• Charles Rufino, Setting a Violin Neck Like a Professional
• Steel String Guitar Listening Session with Mike Doolin, moderator

1:00pm Workshops (concurrent):
• Kerry Char, Adventures in Vintage Guitar Restoration
• Mike Doolin, 7-String Guitar: Considerations for Luthiers and Players
• Jason Lollar, Pickup Design Principles and Small Shop Practices

3:00pm–6:00pm Exhibition (open to registered participants only)

8:00pm Concert: Michael Partington, classical guitar

10:00pm Open Mike Music (off campus)

Saturday, July 22

8:30am Lecture:
• Robbie O’Brien, Build a Classical Guitar in a Week

10:30am Workshops (concurrent):
• Evan Gluck, When Your Business Hits a Bump
• Charles Rufino with Stephen Marchione, From Good to Great: Refining Your Work Before You Finish
• Ukulele Listening Session with Nathan Ching, moderator

1:00pm–5:00pm Exhibition (open to public)

7:30pm GAL Benefit Auction

Sunday, July 23

9:00am Lecture:
• Graham McDonald, A Field Guide to Mandolins
10:30am Lecture:
• Federico Sheppard, Guitar Maker without Borders

2:00pm–5:00pm GAL Headquarters Open House

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