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Do I need to register to attend?
Yes, everyone who attends must register and pay the registration fee, either for the entire event or for the special one day only fee. If you are coming for more than one day (or parts of more than one day), you must pay the full registration fee. If you just want to see the exhibition, it will be open to the public at no charge on Saturday, July 22rd from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. That's the only time you can come without registering if you want to see the exhibition and visit folks.

Can I come for just a day or two?
As long as you register, you can come for whatever days you want! We’ve included a one day registration option, but if you’re coming on more than one day, you need to pay the full registration fee. The Guild convention is a conference, not a festival, so we don’t sell tickets to individual presentations. And you really want to be there for the whole event to make the most of it!

Do I have to be a member to register?
Not technically, but only members can exhibit. We charge double for non-members to attend on their own, and since no one ever does that, we took that option off our registration form this year. You can join when you register.

Does it cost extra to exhibit my instruments?
No, the registration fee is the same whether or not you exhibit your instruments. A higher fee is charged if you're a supplier exhibit selling wood, supplies, or services.

What is your cancellation policy?
We usually give almost-full refunds if you let us know in advance you are not coming. We will subtract a small fee for our time, plus the cost of credit card fees (if applicable).

Can I register at the door?
Yes, you can register at the door to attend the entire convention, or for a day visit. You cannot register at the door to stay in the dorms or to exhibit (see above). We’ll accept personal checks, money orders, cash, and credit cards at the door.

Where do I go to register if I’m registering at the door?
The Guild convention registration table will be set up in the main lobby of the University Center, located on the PLU campus at 122nd and S. Park Ave. Registration begins at 1:00pm on Wednesday, and we’ll be at the same location or have information at the registration table throughout the convention.


Should I exhibit?
To make the most of the learning experience (and fun) of the convention, we encourage you to exhibit your instruments. The Guild convention is for sharing information and what better way to share than to show the fruits of your labors, for your own education as well as for the benefit of your fellow members. It enriches the experience for everyone! There are no workshops scheduled during the exhibit times, so you won’t miss any scheduled presentations if you exhibit.

Do I have to be a professional luthier to exhibit?
No, everyone is encouraged to exhibit, whatever their experience, skill level or situation; whether it’s your first instrument or your 300th!

I want to exhibit my instruments, but I also want to sell some of my old wood. How do I register?
If you're selling any supplies or services to luthiers, you need to register at the supplier rate. We may make an exception to this in some cases - inquire with Deb.

Can I share an exhibit table?
Yes, just let us know when you register if you are willing to share, or have made arrangements to share with someone so we can note it in the program. If we have enough tables, we may not find someone to share with you.

Can I pick the location of my exhibition table?
Yes, with limits. We have two exhibit halls, Chris Knutsen on the main floor of the University Center and the Scandinavian Center on the lower floor (accessible by elevator). We put all the suppliers in Chris Knutsen, usually around the perimeter where there is power available. We will contact you after you register to ask if you have a preference for table location and other requests. You can request same location you had at a previous convention. You can request to be next to another exhibitor if that person also requests to be next to you.

What are the exhibition tables like?
They are standard banquet tables, 30” x 6’. You bring your own covering, instrument stands, etc. Look at photos from our previous exhibitions to get a feel for what our exhibit it like. It’s not the NAMM Show.

What if I register to exhibit but decide not to or am unable to finish my instruments in time?
If you register as an exhibitor, we are going to save a table for you and put your name on it in the program, so please, if you decide at any point that you can’t exhibit, just let us know and we’ll let someone else use it.

I missed the deadline to exhibit. Is there a waiting list in case someone cancels and can’t use their table?
Yes, if you missed the deadline but still want to exhibit, we can put you on a waiting list. No guarantees and you will not be listed in the program.

Can I ship stuff ahead?
Yes you can ship ahead. See details under shipping.

Our site – Pacific Lutheran University:

Is there wi-fi on campus?
Yes, convention participants will have wi-fi access on the PLU campus. Login info will be provided at the registration area when you check in.

What is the parking situation?
There is lots of free parking in the lots surrounding the campus and as well as free street parking, no parking passes needed. Just don’t park in any designated or restricted spots.

Is PLU wheelchair accessible?
Yes, PLU complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the halls we will be using are wheelchair accessible. Individuals needing special assistance should inform us when they register, especially if you are staying on campus.

Dorm Lodging and Meals:

What’s the latest I can register in order to exhibit or get dorm lodging?
June 24 to mail your form, July 1 if you register online.

Can I stay on campus for a day or two?
We're only offering the dorm lodging as a 4-night package. Check out our list and links for area motels.

I'm staying on campus and I will be arriving late on Wednesday. Do I need to make any special arrangements?
Yes, if you're arriving after 7:00pm, let us know so we can make sure you get into your dorm room.

What are the dorm rooms like?
Standard dorms are basic dorm rooms with two single beds per room and the bath down the hall. South Hall dorms are suites with separate, lockable single-bed bedrooms that share a kitchenette and bath. Kitchenettes in South Hall have no utensils, dishes or microwaves, so if you want to cook, you need to bring your own supplies. There are no cooking facilities in the regular dorms. Linens, including bedding and towels, are provided. Towels are not hotel quality, so you may want to bring your own extra towel. There are pay laundry facilities in all of the dorms.

Do you assign roommates?
No, if you want double occupancy in the standard dorms, you need to arrange for your own roommate. If you do arrange for a roommate, please register at the same time and list each other’s name on the form. If we run out of space in South Hall, we may try to double up a few singles in the larger quad rooms that have two baths. If you are willing to share a suite, check that box on the registration form.

Is there anywhere to camp near the convention site?
Yes, see our Lodging and Meals page.

Why are we having the meal cards this time?
The cafeteria in the student center will still be available to us and we encourage members to eat there as it is the most convenient, they have lots of great food options, and you’re most likely to run into other members there. We are not offering the prepaid cards since many members had nonrefundable cash left on their cards at the end of the previous conventions, and it’s just as convenient for most folks to whip out their credit/debit cards as the meal card. PLU accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit/debit cards, and, of course, good old cash. If using cash, we suggest you bring at least $100 to cover meals.

Are there other places nearby to eat?
The PLU cafeteria and Old Main store are both in the University Center, same building as our exhibition halls, and are the most convenient, but there are several restaurants within walking distance of campus. We’ll provide a map in our program of close-by eateries. And there are even more eating options within a short drive if you have wheels.

GAL Publication Sales:

Will GAL publications be available for sale at the convention?
Yes, you will be able to purchase GAL books, back issues and even plans (see next question) at the Guild table on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday during the exhibition time.

Can I purchase plans at the convention?
If you would like to order a plan now to pick up at the convention, you can do so by ordering the normal way (website or mail) and make a note in the comments that you want convention pickup. We must receive your order by Friday, July 14th. You will also be able to order plans at the convention on Thursday and Friday, and we'll deliver them to you on Saturday. If you have an idea of the plans you're interested in, let Dale (dale "at" luth.org) know so we can have our stock ready. Sorry, there won't be an opportunity to view or purchase plans (or any other publications) at the GALHQ open house on Sunday.

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