2006 G.A.L. Convention
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Marshall Bruné showed us how to French polish an entire instrument in one day.
Dan Erlewine and Frank Ford did their popular multi-day repair clinic again. Here they are shown with some participants. That’s Frank to the left, Dan to the right.
Lutherie legend Michael Gurian (left) talked about making purfling elements. He’s posing here with GAL staffer Jon Peterson.
Violin and mandolin maker Chris Burt (left) showed us all how to carve arched plates in the last few issues of American Lutherie magazine. At his workshop he took the opportunity to give some of us the hands-on version.
Harry Fleishman’s (right) workshop on voicing through the access panel got an extra dimension when Mark Swanson volunteered his own instrument as a test case. That’s Mark at left.
Erick Coleman (left) of Stew-Mac gave a workshop on magnetic pickup troubleshooting and rewinding, as well as presenting a workshop with Elliott John-Conry (right) on electric guitar setup. They used a Dan Erlewine-style neck jig which was then donated to the Guild’s benefit auction.
Peter Prier, founder of the Violin Making School of America, spoke on violin materials.
A panel of Kerry Char, Gary Southwell, Mike Doolin, and Fred Carlson discussed the hot topic of harp guitars. Mike also presented a workshop on intonation.
Cyndy Burton and Woodley White led a listening session for classical guitars, with guitarist Michael Partington.
Joe McNalley and other members of the Hutchins Consort offered an upclose workshop on the New Violin Family instruments.
David Hurd (right) has developed some simple test equipment to measure the compliance of guitar and ukulele top. He told us how to do this and how to relate the data to real-world results. Click the thumbnail to see him talking about it with don MacRostie and Charles Fox.
We were honored to welcome Manuel Velázquez (2nd from right) to speak about his seventy years as a guitar maker. He was assisted by his son Alfredo (far left). Guitar makers Robert Ruck (far right) and Jeffrey Elliott interviewed him about his ideas, experiences, and techniques.
Pickup whiz TV Jones (left), electric guitar maker Saul Koll (center), and guitarist Jim Bybee presented our electic guitar listening session.
Scott van Linge provided more in depth information on his parabolic brace and bridge shaping theory.
Steve Andersen demonstrated his methods of fitting bridges and braces to archtop guitars.
John Park facilitated our first-ever flamenco guitar listening session. Bob Park, shown here, was the guitarist.
Géza Burghardt gave a workshop about the design and construction of his new bass viol. Here he is with his wife Tini.
Tim Shaw (center), Principal Engineer at Fender, lecutered about his quick and easy tooling system for making guitar prototypes.
Dan Erlewine (at left in yellow shirt) showed off his Rockin’ Chair, an elecric guitar that you sit on to play.
Jeffrey Elliott (left) does not claim to be a flamenco guitar maker. Here he is facilitating a flamenco guitar panel consisting of (from right) Eugene Clark, John Park, and R.E. Bruné.
Ervin Somogyi facilitated the steel-string guitar listening session. Mike Doolin was the player.
Gregg Miner put together a wonderful exhibit of harp guitars and other extra-string fantasies. The exhibit ran for three days, and Gregg gave a detailed talk on the many harp guitar configurations.
Charles Fox showed us his method of building honeycomb-core guitar tops. Here he enjoys a cafeteria ice cream cone.

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