American Lutherie #108 cover shows bridges under construction in Kent Everett's shop
American Lutherie #108
Winter 2011

This issue’s cover shows steel string guitar bridges under construction in the shop of longtime GAL member Kent Everett, whose highly efficient and prolific one-man operation is legendary.
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Old photo of Kent Everett in his shop Workshop Evolution by Kent Everett from his 2011 GAL Convention lecture
Kent Everett has worked in several different workshop spaces over his 35 years as a highly productive one-man operation. He walks us through the many changes and presents floor plans of six different workshops.

Stan Werbin Meet the Maker: Stan Werbin by Roger Alan Skipper
Stan Werbin started a guitar store called Elderly Instruments about the same time that the Guild of American Luthiers got going. He has become a major player in the vintage instrument scene and has been running a large and capable repair shop for decades. And he has consistently been a GAL member.

Small wood lathe converted to a pickup coil winder Inside the Elderly Repair Shop by Roger Alan Skipper with Joe Konkoly
A lot of fine craftspeople have passed through the Elderly Instruments repair shop over the years. Joe Konkoly is the current head honcho. He shows us a few cool tools that the Elderly staff has devised, and then shows us a recent major mandolin restoration.

1982 D'Aquisto nylon string guitar on the workbench of James Condino 1982 D'Aquisto Nylon String Guitar by James Condino
Jimmy D'Aquisto was well known for his archtop guitars, to say the least. But he also made other instruments, including three nylon-string flattops. James Condino had the chance to study one of them and make a full-scale plan drawing of it. GAL Instrument Plan #65.

J. George Legend of the Veneer Saw by Federico Sheppard
The really good veneer has always been sawn, not sliced. It's rare these days, and veneer saws are relics of the industrial revolution. But there are still a couple of shops in France producing highest-quality sawn veneer on antique equipment. Our intrepid globe-trotter Federico Sheppard sought them out and brings us a photo essay.

Unfortunate use of polyester auto-body putty in previous restoration Salvador Ibáñez Guitar Restoration by Sue Johnson
This is one of those eye-popping stories about the sins of hobbyist guitar “repairers.” Sue Johnson opens up a family heirloom to find Bondo and enormous solid linings under nailed-on back binding.

David Miracle uses a low tech ukulele side bender A Lower-Tech Ukulele Side Bender by John Calkin
Calkin has been working out his bender chops for quite a while now both in his own work and as a part of the Huss & Dalton team. Here he shows us a form that is easy to make, and a simple process using a heat blanket, a couple pieces of sheet metal, a pistol-grip clamp, and a cheap thermometer.

Scribing the finish with a thin-blade knife Bridge Mask by R.M. Mottola
Here's an easy and reliable way to mask off the area of a soundboard where the bridge will eventually be glued. Mottola prints it on a peel-and-stick sheet, and includes useful marks for aligning it correctly to the fretboard.

a dovetail neck template if attached onto a guitar body Product Reviews by Roger Alan Skipper
You want to cut clean and reliable neck dovetails with a router. Do you get the expensive aluminum jig, or the much more affordable plywood one? Skipper runs two commercial neck jigs through their paces. Read his detailed and lavishly illustrated review, then you decide.

Reviews by John Calkin, and Michael Darnton
Reviews of Bogdanovich's 10-DVD set on making a classical guitar; Everett's DVD on setting up a steel string guitar; and that massive book on the conservation, restoration, and repair of stringed instruments. You know, the one from the Canadian arm of the International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative.

Questions edited by R.M. Mottola
Should a solera be domed all the w ay to the edge? What is mastic? How much do chemists really know about classic Cremona varnish? What's the tension of a set of gut guitar strings? Why are plastic binding strips too short? Is kiln drying bad? These questions and more are answered in this issue.

Guitars made by Joseph Wallo In Memoriam: Joseph Wallo by Mike Ashley (with help from Robert England, Richard Brune, David LaPlante, and Charles Vega)
In 1962, Joe Wallo published a slim volume called “How to Make a Classic Guitar.” That makes him one of the granddaddies of the Lutherie Boom. Here's a fond remembrance of a straight-shooting lutherie pioneer.

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