American Lutherie #107 cover shows the group photo from the 2011 GAL Convention
American Lutherie #107
Fall 2011

This issue’s cover shows hundreds of happy luthiers at the GAL's recent 20th Convention in Tacoma, Washington. Were you there? Follow the above link for tons more pictures.
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Richard Brune entertains Federico Sheppard and Carmen Gonzalez Zapata on a flamenco ukulele Lutherie: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
by R.E. Brune from his 2011 GAL Convention lecture

R.E. Brune knows a thing or two about the lutherie biz, having been in it since the '60s. He gives a quick review of how we (we instrument makers in the northern European tradition, that is) got here; what's our current situation here in the purported Golden Age of American Lutherie; and how it is all going to hell in a handbasket thanks to the Lacey Act.

Geza Burghardt cuts out the top and back shape of a double bass Constructing a Double Bass, Part 2: Inspired by a 1760 Giovanni Baptiste Gabrielli
by Géza Burghardt from his 2004 and 2006 GAL Convention workshops
Geza completes the process of making a bass viol the old fashioned way. Article includes reduced images of the GAL's full-scale plan of the instrument. GAL Instrument Plan #64.

George Gruhn Meet the Maker: George Gruhn by Roger Alan Skipper
George Gruhn is the King of the Vintage Guitars (and Mandolins and Banjos.) Everybody knows that his shop actross the street from the Grand Ol Opry's Ryman Auditorium is the place to be for fine old American guitars. Our man Roger takes an inside look at the Gruhn operation, getting the lowdown on George's college career in animal psychology, his history as an instrument designer, and his extensive repair department.

Two sanding drums supplied with a bottom rub-bearing Cheap Machines: Drill Press by John Calkin
If you are starting a lutherie shop, a drill press is one of the first things you should get. And you don't need an expensive one. Calkin likes 'em old, dirty, and cheap. And he shows us a bunch of basic operations that get the work done fast.

Review of the Purflex flexible decorative purfling Product Reviews by Roger Alan Skipper
Our reviewer looks at two fancy, flexible decorative purfling materials; Purflex®, a chain of intricately carved wood purfling segments, and ZipFlex®, a bendable abalone strip.

Reviews by Tom Harper and David Wiebe
Harper reviews “Hand Made Hand Played” an ambitious picture book of guitars. And speaking of ambitious projects, Wiebe reviews “When Trees Sing” Peter Prier's set of fifteenth DVDs covering the entire process of making a violin.

Buffer It Worked for Me by Jon Simpson and Mark Roberts
Use packing tape as a backing for sandpaper. Make a minimal mounting for a buffer and hang it on the wall between sessions.

Questions edited by R.M. Mottola
Mastic for inlay; beveled arm rests; mounting archtop pickups; allergic to wood; brace stiffness; mahogany guitar soundboards.

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