American Lutherie #97 cover shows Michael Dunn's Mystery Pacific model guitar. Build in the Maccaferri tradition.
American Lutherie #97
Spring 2009

This issue's cover shows
two views of one of Canadian luthier Michael Dunn's Mystery Pacific model guitars. Built in the Maccaferri tradition, this guitar, named “Double Whiskey” after a Django tune, was made in 2006.
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A violin bridge made by Joseph Curtin New Directions in Violin Making from his 2008 GAL Convention lecture
by Joseph Curtin

Innovative violin maker Joe Curtin gives an overview of some non-traditional design developments by contemporary makers, and then explains his recent work with laminated balsa soundboards.

Michael Dunn Meet The Maker: Michael Dunn by Jonathon Peterson
Michael Dunn started out as a teenager with a solidbody guitar, then worked as a guitar maker in a traditional shop in Spain, got into flamenco, then Gypsy jazz music and guitars. He had an influential career as a college lutherie teacher, and since then has specialized in elaborate art guitars. Meet this fascinating maker.

A guitar made Torres. Is it a flamenco? What is the Flamenco Guitar? from their 2006 GAL Convention presentation by Richard Bruné, Eugene Clark, Jeffrey Elliott, and John Park
Three experienced flamenco makers and a thoughtful moderator explore the essence versus the nomenclature of the flamenco guitar. This photo shows a guitar by Torres. It is a small instrument, made with no soundboard bracing in the lower bout. Is it a flamenco?

Graham McDonald Meet the Maker: Graham McDonald by John Calkin
There are luthiers on the bottom of the world. McDonald specializes in long-necked mandolins, Irish bouzoukis, and citterns. He has published two books on the subject and attended three GAL conventions. Say “Ozzy” not “AW-see”.

A single horizontal crack has been repaired by Roger Alan Skipper with a narrow cross-grained strip Restoring a Battle Axe by Roger Alan Skipper
Here’s a quick resurrection of a so-so Martin that was involved in a domestic dispute. Both the restoration lutherie work and the story are very interesting. Spoiler alert: the couple ends up happy.

R.M. Mottola presents a method for designing outlines by specifying the locations and diameters of circles. A Method for the Design of the Guitar Body Outline by R.M. Mottola
Many people have noticed over the centuries that circles work well as a basis for designing the outlines of guitars, violins, and other instruments with a generally figure-8 shape. Mottola presents a comprehensive and flexible method for designing outlines by specifying the locations and diameters of circles.

L-shaped brackets holds top down on plantilla Spherical Workboard Update by Brent Benfield
Benfield was an early advocate of spherically dished workboards when he wrote about using them in 1997. Now he has refined his method and brings us up to date.

A quick release drill press stop lock It Worked for Me by Charles Fox
Charles Fox shows us a couple of nice tricks for using a Saf-T-Planer and a drill press for making neck blanks.

Questions edited by R.M. Mottola
Questions and answers about bass fiddle linings, oval rosettes, rebec plans, vaulted backs for Baroque guitars, and oil finishes.

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