American Lutherie #95 cover the end view of a Middle Easter out built by Peter Kyvelos
American Lutherie #95
Fall 2008
This issue's front cover shows the end view of a Middle Eastern oud built by Peter Kyvelos in 2007. The end cap and back staves are made from lacewood and figured Honduran mahogany.
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Picture of a horned plane Letters to the Editor
Neil Ostberg gives us the word on horned planes. He was moved to do so by the back-cover photo on American Lutherie #93, which shows a de-horned horned plane.

Some excited conventioneers having lunch at the 2008 GAL convention 2008 GAL Convention — It Rocked!
Our 19th Convention/Exhibition was a big success! We present a couple pages of photos in the magazine, but the main coverage is right here on the website. Follow this link.

An experimental bracing patter for a classic guitar by Alain Bieber The Al-Tho Design: An Experiment in Classic Guitar Bracing
by Alain Bieber

Our member in Paris is a capable and avid experimenter. He also has friends that help him move in a good direction. This time he has made and tested a series of guitars using light spruce rings as bracing elements.

Old photo of Norman Pickering Meet the Maker: Norman Pickering by N.P. with Barbara Goldowsky
Hey! What's a dang horn player doing in American Lutherie magazine?! That's Norman Pickering, the famed violin physics researcher, shown here in one of his early careers as a developer and demonstrator of advanced brass instruments for the C.G. Conn company.

The bone nut of a Middle Eastern oud by Peter Kyvelos Constructing the Middle Eastern Oud with Peter Kyvelos, Part Two
by R.M. Mottola
Here's the conclusion of our two-part, lavishly illustrated series on constructing the oud.

Chuck Lee and Tammy Lee Meet the Maker: Chuck Lee by Stephen Kinnaird
Chuck Lee is a maker of open-back banjos who had an earlier career as a master plumber. He's shown here with his life-and-lutherie partner Tammy.

At left is a guitar restored by Tobias Braun and right is a guitar by Vicente Parres from the Sr. Aparicio's collection From Trash to Treasure: The Restoration of a Spanish Factory-Made Guitar, circa 1900 by Tobias Braun
German classical guitar maker Tobias Braun was brought a much-abused but ornate guitar by a client who had rescued it from a trash bin years before. Braun tracked down the history of the instrument's maker, and did a full restoration.

Geometric design of a Stradivari violin scroll Geometric Design of the Stradivari Model G Violin, Part Three:
The Scroll
by Robert J. Spear
Here's the conclusion of our series investigating the possible use of the Golden Section in the design work of Antonio Stradivari. Challenging ideas, and not a lot of heavy math.

Dan Forbert Meet the Maker: Dan Fobert by Andy Avera
Dan likes to make guitars. He also likes to make some unusual tools with which to make guitars.

Guitar with new custom pickup rings by Dan Fobert Casting Custom Plastic Pickup Rings by Dan Fobert
Need a custom pickup ring, like to mount a humbucker into an over-sized hole? Resourceful and imaginative luthier Dan Fobert says “Make your own!”

Mike Brittain stands next to the main trunk of a 50 year old rosewood tree in Florida Accidental Exotics by Mike Brittain
After a hurricane blew through his neighborhood in Florida, Mike Brittain was surprised to learn that several of the downed trees were Indian rosewoods. He quickly became a tropical logger.

Guitar body patterned after a Gibson L-00 Florida Gold by John Calkin
Calkin took a set of Florida rosewood from Mike Brittain and built a test guitar. He loves the stuff.

John Calkin reviews Plasti Dip Product Reviews by John Calkin
Ever wonder if that plastic dipping stuff for tool handles would work for spring clamp jaws? It does. Our reviewer also likes the Stew-Mac binding laminator.

Questions edited by R.M. Mottola
Good info about X-bracing mandolins, loosening strings to extend the life of stored instruments, and kauri wood.

Using a laser level to align a guitar neck to the body It Worked for Me by Pete Hurney, Luca Milani, Veronica Merryfield, and Scott van Linge
Laser level lutherie, low-cost flat surfaces, a spruce-core bridge for archtops, and a pneumatic sander.

Thomas Humphrey memoriam In Memoriam: Thomas Humphrey by Stephan Connor
Tom Humphrey is well-known for the millennium model classical guitar. He was a mentor to Stephan Connor, who offers a grateful remembrance. Read his memoriam.

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