American Lutherie #93
Spring 2008

How would you like to see that view out your shop window everyday? Swiss wood dealer Andrea Florinett does just that.
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A violin top made out of balsa wood Letters to the Editor
Rob Edelstein made an experimental violin with a balsa top and a bass bar made from an old carbon-fiber bow. And the sound post is a sort of wooden leaf spring.

Old photo of Robert Ruck Meet the Maker: Robert Ruck by Jonathon Peterson
In many ways, Robert Ruck personifies the Golden Age of American Lutherie. Starting as an enthusiastic teenage guitarist in the '60s, he has become one of the top makers of classical guitars in the world. In this issue he shares some fascinating stories and thought-provoking philosophy, as well as information on his unusual bracing patterns.

A harp guitar by Mike Doolin in a plywood mold Harp Guitars: Past, Present, and Future with Mike Doolin, Kerry Char, Gary Southwell, and Fred Carlson
Who would have thought that the harp guitar would rise again to become the cutting edge of guitar design? Four fine makers discuss their new design directions and developments. The photo shows the interior of an instrument by Mike Doolin.

A mid-century Martin guitar A Mid-19th-Century Martin Guitar by Jeff Liverman
When Jeff Liverman saw photos of a rare old Martin guitar in American Lutherie #91, he reached into his files and pulled out a full-scale drawing he had made of a very similar instrument ten years ago. We are pleased to offer it as GAL Instrument Plan #57.

Split wood destined for China Meet the Maker: Andrea Florinett by Greg Hanson
Who gets to live in the Swiss alps and spend all day working with spruce trees and big old honkin' loaders and stuff? Certified Swiss forester Andrea Florinett, that's who!

A four-point divider Geometric Design of the Stradivari Model G Violin Pt. 1
by Robert J. Spear
Many scholars have tried to crack the code of what Antonio Stradivari was thinking when he designed his body outlines, soundholes, and scrolls. Violin maker Bob Spear things he's cracked the code. His explanation is based on the use of dividers set to the Golden Proportion.

Fabio Ragghianti shows Pablo how to measure for binding and purfling Fabio's Excellent Nicaraguan Adventure by Mike Moger
Mike Moger and Fabio Ragghianti recently taught a class in fine classical guitar making in Nicaragua. Conditions were primitive in this area still struggling to recover from the Sandinista-Contra war. The idea is to help talented local makers create a cottage industry of making quality guitars.

James Condino reviews various mandolin tuning machines Product Reviews by James Condino
Mandolin maker James Condino reviews the available mandolin tuning machine brands.

Peter Vile builds a carbon-topped lattice braced guitar Quick Cuts: An Experimental Carbon-Reinforced Guitar
by Peter Vile

Dutch guitar maker Peter Vile made an experimental guitar featuring a carbon-topped lattice bracing and a wingless bridge. He says it came out great.

Mike Doolin builds a jig for  his table saw to cut kerfed lining strips It Worked for Me by Mike Doolin and Mike Foulger
Mike Doolin shows his setup for making kerfed linings. Mike Foulger uses Friendly Plastic to make a specialized clamping caul.

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