American Lutherie #92 cover shows instruments in various stages of repair at the Colorado shop of Scott Baxendale
American Lutherie #92
Winter 2007

Look familiar? Various instruments are in various stages of repair in the Colorado shop of Scott Baxendale.
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Eugene Clark shows the first stage of assembling  the box, which has the neck and braced top nailed together Building with the Spanish Solera by Eugene Clark
Eugene Clark makes guitars the Spanish way: face down on a flat, scooped-out workboard. The tops are not spherical, and the neck is right in line with the blocks, not canted. Eugene takes us through the process and the philosophy, step-by-step.

Scott Baxendale and son, John, in front of the Colfax Guitar Shop in Denver, Colorado Meet the Maker: Scott Baxendale by Steve Wiencrot
Here's the exterior of that same repair shop. Ad there is proprietor Scott Baxendale and his son John with two of their fine handmade guitars. Scott's story is unusual, even for a luthier. I mean, how many people do you know who are trying to get Johnny Depp to star in their biopic?

Meantone scale Intonation in the Real World by Mike Doolin
The little stars show the thirds in the chords, which are also the intonation trouble spots. Mike Doolin gives us the detailed lowdown on why we'll never get them right. Hit the chord symbols to see the chart showing that those darn thirds are just wrong.

Javad Naini shows proper playing position of the Santur The Santur by Javád Náini
Each culture seems to have its own permutation of the hammered dulcimer. Persia's version, the santur, goes back a pile of centuries. Javad Naini fills us in and presents GAL Instrument Plan #56.

Stephen Sedgwick's 30-string Arpa Viola Caipira which was commissioned by Brad Hoyt in 2004 Meet the Maker: Stephen Sedgwick by Jonathon Peterson
At age sixteen, British luthier Stephen Sedgwick came to a fork in the road of life. Would he be a psychologist, or a luthier? Wow, that was a close one! I'm happy to report he is firmly on board that harp-guitar freight train.

Harry Fleishman and Mark Swanson at the 2005 GAL Convention Brace Voicing Through the Access Panel by Harry Fleishman
Mark Swanson brought his brand-new guitar to the 2006 GAL Convention, and offered to let Harry Fleishman get inside it and cut up the braces as a demonstration of voicing. Everybody ended up happy.

Bruce Creps runs a board over the jointer Grading and Curing Lumber by Bruce Creps
In American Lutherie #91, Bruce Creps showed us his resawing procedure. This time, he follows it up by telling us what we need to know about curing and grading lutherie lumber.

Harry Fleishman reviews the Zoom H4 Digital Recorder Product Review: Zoom H4 Digital Recorder by Harry Fleishman and
Mark Berry

Harry Fleishman reviews the Zoom H4 digital audio recorder. So, did he test it out on a guitar? that would so predictable. He went to Bali and recorded the famous monkey chant dance.

Barbara Goldowsky reviews Nasser Shirazi's book on building a Kamanche Review: Shirazi's Building the Kamanche by Barbara Goldowsky
Barbara Goldowsky reviews Nasser Shirazi's book on building the kamanche, a traditional Persian spike fiddle. We sell GAL Instrument Plan #9, you know.

Allan Beardsell designs a elegant gizmo for making adjustable guitar necks It Worked for Me by Allan Beardsell and Mike Foulger
Allan Beardsell came up with an elegant gizmo for making adjustable guitar necks.

Victor Gardener memoriam In Memoriam: Victor Gardener by Chris Dungey
Cello maker Chris Dungey remembers Victor Gardener, a self-taught maverick who made a lot of really good violins and cellos in his long life, and inspired a lot of aspiring young builders along the way. Read his memoriam.

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