American Lutherie #87 cover shows group photo from 2006 GAL Convention
American Lutherie #87
Fall 2006

This issue's cover shows the smiling faces of the hoards of happy campers at our recent 18th Convention/Exhibition. And it's in living color!
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Kenny Hill working on the new Reyes flamenco model in his California shop, 2006. A Luthier's Choices by Kenny Hill
Kenny Hill spoke at our convention two years ago about his journey as a guitar maker, which has been quite a journey so far...China, Mexico, prison...find out where lutherie will take Kenny next.

Steve Andersen demonstrates how to fit the bridge of a archtop guitar at 2006 GAL Convention 2006 GAL Convention Coverage by Tim Olsen
And speaking of conventions, more than a few people told us this one was the best ever! Some of the finest luthiers in the world were there sharing lutherie info in inimitable GAL style. Why here's one of those fine luthiers now, Steve Andersen, demonstrating the fitting of an archtop guitar bridge to a rapt audience of GAL members. See complete convention coverage in this issue.

Michael Darnton shows how circles are used on most Stradivari forms The Power of Circles by Michael Darnton
Michael Darnton gives us the lowdown on why fine violins look the way they do. It's all about the circles, people!

Tom Shinness with his custom electric harp guitar Meet the Maker: Tom Shinness by Jonathon Peterson
Meet musician and budding luthier Tom Shinness. Tom just loves those harp guitars. See his amazing creation of gararge-sale-instruments-turned-harp-guitar.

Parametric solid modeling software Parametric Solid Modeling Software by R.M. Mottola
R.M. Mottola introduces us to Parametric Solid Modeling (PSM) and shows us how we can use it in average-luthier applications.

Rodney Stedall Meet the Maker: Rodney Stedall by Tom Harper
Rodney Stedall is from down south...South Africa, that is! He's a luthier and optometrist. Meet him and some of his associates from the Guild of South African Luthiers.

Alastair Fordyce makes a simple balance Fighting with Wolves by Alastair Fordyce
Alastair Fordyce helps us fend off those wolf notes that may be knocking at our door.

Fabio Ragghianto cleans the mortise with a file Fabio's Fabulously Simple Neck Joint by Fabio Ragghianti
Want to make a fabulously simple neck joint? Fabio Ragghianti will show you how!

Daniel Fobert uses a series of clamps to glue a soundboard for a bouzouki Sixty Seconds or Less by Daniel Fobert
Daniel Fobert was inspired by Fred Carlson's Universal Worktable to make one for carved-top instruments. He can set an entire array of clamps for gluing on a top in under one minute flat! See how he does it.

Tobias Berg in his shop The Making of a Maker by Tobias Berg
Tobias Berg shares his story of international lutherie intrigue, or how he traveled the globe to become a luthier.

A 7-string lap steel guitar ready to recieve the back The “Wintonbeast” 7-String Lap Steel Guitar by David Worthy
David Worthy introduces us to his 7-string “Wintonbeast” an extended lap steel.

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