The contents of this issue are in Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Seven
It is no longer available as a back issue
American Lutherie #83
Fall 2005

This issue's cover shows
a rosette by Swiss luthier Ermanno Chiavi.

Measuring Arch-top Musical Instruments by Chris Burt
Violin and mandolin maker Chris Burt starts a three-part series on arched-plate instruments. In this issue he concentrates on making a working drawing from an existing instrument. In future issues he will detail the arching and graduation of the plates.

Meet the Maker: Pierre-Yves Fuchs by Jonathon Peterson
Meet Swiss bow maker Pierre-Yves Fuchs! We interviewed him at the VSA convention in Portland, Oregon. Click the little photo of Pierre-Yves to see a photo of VSA members inspecting bows in the competition.

The Cole Clark Guitar by Michael Finnerty and Bradley Clark
Imagine making a guitar with no lining. The sides would slip into a nice tight slot running all around the edge of the soundboard! That may be tough to do with a chisel, but a CNC mill is just the right tool for the job. The Cole Clark guitar company of Australia specializes in this kind of innovative thinking.

Restoring Tarrega's 1888 Torres by Jeffrey Elliott
Does this guitar look familiar? If you are 110 years old you might have seen Francisco Tarrega playing it. It is the 1888 guitar that was made for him by the granddaddy of classic guitar makers, Antonio de Torres. Jeffrey Elliott performed a very careful restoration of this important instrument, and he explains his thought process and techniques in detail. This issue contains a reduced image of Jeff's drawing of the guitar, which is now available as
GAL Instrument Plan #52.

Amplifying Acoustic Guitars: An Update by Harry Fleishman and
Mike Doolin

Mike Doolin, shown here, teamed with Harry Fleishman at the GAL Convention to present an updated review of available acoustic guitar amplification systems. Mike made two nearly-identical guitars, each packed with several systems, for the event.

Quick Cuts: The 13-string Chiavi-Miolin Guitar by Johannes Labusch
Ermanno Chiavi specializes in designing guitars with extra strings. In this issue we see a 13-string “classical” guitar with a range of five octaves. Click on the photo to see the unusual peghead layout.

Meet the Maker: Jay Hargreaves by Todd Rose
Get to know Jay Hargreaves. He's a GAL veteran who studied with the late Richard Schneider. Jay makes flattop basses using the design principles of Michael Kasha. Click on the photo to see a full view of one of his basses.

It Worked for Me
Oops! Brian Yarosh bent a side the wrong way around. Now what? Click on the photo to see a happier Brian after he found a way to un-bend it. It's in the “It Worked for Me” column.

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