The contents of this issue are in Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Seven
It is no longer available as a back issue
American Lutherie #82
Summer 2005

Aaron Green has a way of hiding maple bushings inside a flamenco peghead, giving the pegs a nice hard bearing surface. He details the process in this issue.

Teaching the Dream to Sing by Fred Carlson
It's a jungle in there! If you didn't already know that this is a 39-string Harp-Sympitar, would you be able to figure it out from this photo of the interior? Fred Carlson walks us through a detailed process of designing and building this unusual instrument. He also explains his workboard that adapts to any shape of instrument, even one like this.

Meet the Maker: Charles Beare by Jonathon Peterson
If you have ever built, repaired, or played a good-quality violin, you have probably heard the name of Charles Beare. He shares the story of how he came to the legendary Wurlitzer shop in New York City as a very young man in 1960 to work with Sacconi and other greats. He has gone on to become a foremost authority on classical-era violins.

The Colombian Tiple by Luis Alberto Paredes Rodriguez
You know the tiple, right? That 10-string uke thing that Martin used to make? Well, this is the other kind of tiple. The Colombian tiple. It's more like a small classic guitar with 12 steel strings in 4 courses of 3. We present a short article on the evolution and tuning of the instrument, plus a magazine version of GAL Instrument Plan #51.

The Helmholtz Resonance by R.M. Mottola
What th'...? It's a mass spring. A weight boinging up and down on a spring. No, we don't show you how to build one. It is just a mental prop to help us imagine how the air sloshes around inside a musical instrument. R.M. Mottola gives us the layman's lowdown on the Helmholtz resonance, then divulges the math that makes it work.

Quick Cuts: The Boujmaa Brothers of Morocco by Bruce Caler
Here's a rare look inside a lutherie shop in Marrakech, Morocco.

Quick Cuts: Two Interesting Guitars by Philippe Refig
And here's a rare look into the soundhole of a 1920 Enrique Garcia classic guitar. There is also a picture of the interior of the soundboard.

Adjustable Saddles for Acoustic Guitars by Brian Yarosh
Brian Yarosh has developed an adjustable bridge for flattop guitars. See how he does it.

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