The contents of this issue are in Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Seven
It is no longer available as a back issue
American Lutherie #78
Summer 2004

This issue's cover shows Dan Erlewine's special demonstration guitar with a clear plastic “soundboard” and back. He's using a special little wedge and palette knife to show how one would fix a split back brace.

Through-the-Soundhole Repair Techniques by Dan Erlewine and
Frank Ford

There's Dan (on the right) with his buddy and collaborator Frank Ford at their 2001 GAL Convention repair demo. See fifteen pages of tips and tricks in this issue. And they will be back for this summer's Convention, too!

Meet the Maker: Lester DeVoe by Cyndy Burton
Lester DeVoe is a leading maker of flamenco guitars. He recently planted sixty cypress trees on his own property. Talk about planning ahead! Read all about his interesting thirty-year career.

Hands-on Archtop Mandolin Making, Part Four with Don MacRostie
by Peggy Stuart

We are up to Part Four of our detailed archtop mandolin construction series. In this issue we get them strung up in the white. (There's instructor Don MacRostie.) We have just one installment left to go. Watch for it later this year.

Tales of Topographic Arches by Michael Darnton
Here's a stab from the past. Michael Darnton began his lutherie career in the '80s with guitars before he went on to work with high-priced fiddles. He shows us a simple and direct method of calculating the depth of guitar sides for a spherical back.

Meet the Maker: Jeffrey Yong by John Calkin
Jeffrey Yong was the GAL's first member in his native Malaysia back in 1992. He has attended two GAL Conventions, and runs a thriving business in the shadow of the world's tallest building making guitars, traditional Malaysian instruments, and hybrids. Meet him in this issue.

A Lightweight Electric Bass by R.M. Mottola
R.M. Mottola shares some ideas and experiences in making a lightweight and well-balanced solidbody bass.

Fiber Optic Inspection Scope by Rob and Ben Edelstein
Hey, what's that kid doing? Click the picture to find out. His dad is a urologic surgeon, and this scope is a tool of the trade. Seems it is quite useful in lutherie work, too.

Stalking the Wild Pine Rosin by Dave Raley
Speaking of “what is it,” what do you think this is? Well, it's a blob of dirty old pine pitch, ready to be purified in Dave Raley's Rosin Reactor.

Making Templates for Stew-Mac's Fret-Slotting Miter Box
by Robert Deacon
Here's how to make your own templates for use in Stew-Mac's fretboard miter box.

Two-Step Cutaway Bending by John Calkin
The Huss & Dalton shop has perfected a bender and a method for bending guitar sides with a tight cutaway.

It Worked for Me by Michael Breid, Dave Riggs, and Mark Brantley
Maybe you know about making a brace jack out of a toilet paper roller. Here's a miniature version, like if G.I. Joe had a toilet paper roller you could use. This and more in our “It Worked For Me” column.

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