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American Lutherie #76
Winter 2003

Don MacRostie uses this mad-scientist device
to measure the flexibility of mandolin tops.

Is “Guitar Design” an Oxymoron? by Steve Klein
What does a pair of old ski boots have to do with anything? Find out in Steve Klein's GAL Convention lecture, “Is Guitar Design an Oxymoron?”

Meet the Maker: John Greven by Mike Doolin
John Greven is one of the founding fathers of the American lutherie boom. He turns out an astonishingly high number of guitars of a famously high quality from a small basement, using just a few simple tools. Maybe this in-depth article will help you understand how he does it.

Hands-on Archtop Mandolin Making, Part Two with Don MacRostie
by Peggy Stuart

Here's the second part of our five-part series on archtop mandolin making with Don MacRostie. Author Peggy Stuart follows Don as he finishes carving the top, and cuts the dovetail.

Classical Cremonese Violin Soundhole Placement by Michael Darnton
Michael Darnton thinks he's cracked the elegant geometry that the old violin makers of Cremona used to locate their soundholes.

Cutting a Fanned-Fret Fingerboard by Mike Doolin
Mike Doolin has figured out a slick way of cutting a fanned-fret fingerboard accurately by hand.

Charles Fox's Superglue Binding Method by Tom Harper
Charles Fox developed a method of installing all the binding of a guitar “dry,” then supergluing it in while the tape is still in place. Cameron Carr, shown here, taught the method at Charles' American School of Lutherie. We bring it to you in detail.

Lacquer Details by John Calkin
John Calkin has been finishing guitars for over twenty years, and before that he worked in the family business blasting and spray-painting barns and things. He lets us in on a lot of the helpful things he has learned about lacquer, spray guns, and exhaust fans.

Making an Access Panel by Larry Mills and Chris Jenkins
Access panels, or trap doors, give you full access to the interior of a guitar through the tail block. Here's a step-by-step method for making one with templates and a router.

Product Review: Spot Check Thermometer by John Calkin
The Spot Check thermometer is an inexpensive device that can help you get more consistant results from your side bender. Here's a review.

CAD Notebook by Dana Bourgeois
In his continuing series on CAD/CAM in lutherie, Dana Bourgeois shows us how a finished CAD drawing is turned into a real wooden neck on a CNC machine.

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