The contents of this issue are in Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Seven
It is no longer available as a back issue
American Lutherie #75
Fall 2003

On this issue's cover we see the barring for a classical guitar soundboard, based on a Miguel Rodriguez Jr. pattern, being glued in place in the go-bar deck of Pacific Northwest luthier Dake Traphagen.

Geza's Precision Assembly Jib by Geza Burghardt, with Cyndy Burton
Canadian luthier Geza Burghardt makes beautiful classic guitars. But in this article we take a close look at the elegant and refined assembly jig upon which he builds those beautiful guitars. Geza's approach is always both traditional and innovative.

Hands-on Archtop Mandolin Making, Part One with Don MacRostie
by Peggy Stuart
In this issue we begin an ambitious 4-part series which closely chronicles the construction of an A-model archtop mandolin. Author Peggy Stuart attended an intense class by Don MacRostie at the American School of Lutherie, and documented it for our benefit.

From Russia, with Strings Attached by Fred Casey
The pre-classical German-style guitar with removable neck faded into obscurity in Europe, but remained popular in Russia for decades longer in a seven-string incarnation. Fred Casey found one such guitar, and restored it to useful life. He also drew it, and we present that plan in this issue. It's GAL Instrument Plan #48.

Calculating Guitar Side Height by Mike Doolin
Mike Doolin has figured out how to calculate the exact height of the sides at any point on the guitar's outline, assuming that the back has a spherical arch. We give you the lowdown, including all the math derivations.

Meet the Maker: Dake Traphagen by Jonathon Peterson
Meet Dake Traphagen. From high-school violist, to pecan farmer, to violin-making apprentice, to early-instrument adventurer, to classic guitar maker, Dake has had quite a career. And he has a lot of thoughts on the differences between designs used by various Spanish master makers.

Decorative Guitar Heel Carving by John Greven
John Greven has been doing decorative carving on guitar heels since Doc Watson was in diapers. Well, a long time anyway. He shows us how to do it with a few simple tools. It's quick and easy, he says.

Making Bridge Plates: A Huss & Dalton Shop Story by John Calkin
Here's the simple and effective way that they make bridge patches at Huss & Dalton, explained by John Calkin.

Fingerboard Radius Gauges by R.M. Mottola
Here's a bargain for you.... RM Mottola's clip-out radius gauges, complete in this issue.

Product Review: Colorado Soft Cases by R.M. Mottola
Colorado Cases gets a positive review for its custom padded gig bags. They'll embroider your logo onto them, too.

Dedicated Binding and Purfling Routers by Mike Doolin
Here's Mike Doolin's efficient setup for using dedicated routers for cutting all the binding and purfling channels on a flattop guitar, quick as a wink. A wink behind safety goggles, that is.

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