American Lutherie Ad Rates and Specs

AMERICAN LUTHERIE is the quarterly publication of the Guild of American Luthiers. Our 8 1/2" x 11" format journal, 76 pages in length, reaches over 3,500 Guild members, as well as numerous other luthiers and aficionados in the field. Unlike other periodicals, back issues of American Lutherie are kept as reference material and referred to again and again over the years. The GAL is a non-profit membership organization. Ads in American Lutherie do not cover our publishing costs like they do in commercial magazines. We consider ads to be an information resource for our members. We keep the number of pages devoted to ads low, so we can keep the number of pages devoted to articles high. We only offer quarter-page and eighth-page ads. We won’t combine small ads to make larger ads, but you are free to run more than one ad in an issue. Ad placement is at our discretion (inside pages only).

AMERICAN LUTHERIE is printed in full color. Ads can be in black & white or color. There is no additional charge for color ads. Please see and follow our guidelines below for ad art.

  Member Non-Member
Quarter Page (vertical) $220 $440
Eighth Page (horizontal) $110 $220

DISCOUNTt: We offer a 10% discount if you run your ad on an ongoing basis (insertion in every issue for at least four issues) and/or if you pay in advance of publication.

MEMBER RATES: Your 2017 GAL dues must be paid to receive the member rate for ads in our 2017 issues.

PAYMENT — First time advertisers, please pay for your first ad at the time of your insertion order. For regular advertisers, we can bill you upon publication. A late charge will be applied to overdue accounts. If you wish your ad to run in each issue until further notice, please email stating that. To pay for your advertising using a credit card (or paypal), select the correct amount below and add to cart.


Contact us by these dates to reserve space for your ad in a specific issue. We need to have your new art (for instructions, see below) in hand a few weeks after the insertion date, but sooner is better. Contact Deb by email if you’re planning to send new art: galdo“at” (substitute @ for “at”)

AL#129 (Spring 2017) — January 6, 2017
AL#130 (Summer 2017) — April 7, 2017
AL#131 (Fall 2017) — July 28, 2017
AL#132 (Winter 2017) — October 13, 2017


All advertising art in American Lutherie is in electronic format. You may submit a workable file, or we can typeset the ad for you and send a draft via e-mail for your approval.
Ad sizes are:

1/4 page ad – 3.6" wide by 4.85" tall
1/8 page ad – 3.6" wide by 2.35" tall

The file format that works best for us is high-resolution PDF in CMYK color space. High-resolution TIFF in CMYK color space may also be acceptable. In any case, color must be CMYK. If your ad has no color elements, either 1-bit B&W (1000 lpi or better) or 8-bit grayscale (1000 lpi or better) is okay. Fonts must be included in PDFs. Please do not send application files such as Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Word. Send ads as attachments, not as pictures in an e-mail. E-mail Deb with any questions: galdo“at”

To submit an ad for us to typeset, please send the following:
• A sketch or example of the ad as you would like it to appear
• Good PDF or TIFF files of any logo or other specific art which is to appear
• separate high-resolution files of any photographs

Our typesetting service is free for ads that will run four or more times; otherwise there will be a charge of $30–$50 depending on the complexity of the ad. Minor updates and changes can be made from time to time without charge, but we'll bill you for larger or more frequent changes.

A word about the look of ads in American Lutherie:
American Lutherie is an educational fine-craft journal, so we ask that you keep the look of your ad harmonious with our content.

Please avoid the following:
solid black backgrounds; white backgrounds with no box at the edge; big loud lettering with exclamation points; jarring color combinations; big bright red all-caps block lettering; or anything else that looks like a Harbor Freight ad. If you are not sure what we’re referring to, we can email examples if you have yet to see ads in American Lutherie.

Also, here are some common errors that can make your ad look bad that you will want to avoid:
jaggy lo-rez graphics, possibly repurposed from a website; photos that show crunchy JPG compression; and tiny, light-colored lettering on a dark background.

And a brief word about typesetting.
Common errors we see are improper capitalization, hyphens wrongly used as dashes, and typewriter-style quote marks. If typesetting is not your thing, you can avoid the hassle and get a better-looking ad by letting us do it for you or having a professional prepare your ad.

Select Amount:

We cannot guarantee inclusion of ads that reach us after the deadline, or do not meet our requirements. Send copy as early as possible. Call or email to reserve space if your copy will be arriving just before deadline. We reserve the option not to run your ad if we deem the content or style inappropriate to our readership or to the thrust of our journal.

Guild of American Luthiers, 8222 South Park, Tacoma, WA 98408
Phone: (253) 472-7853 E-mail Deb: galdo (at)

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